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University Of Florida Acceptance Rate: Situated in Gainesville, Florida, the University of Florida (UF) is a public research university. UF is the largest and oldest institution in the State University System of Florida, having been founded in 1853.

University of Florida Acceptance Rate

AACSB International has accredited the University of Florida, one of the oldest universities in the state, since 1926.

It was also one of the first to offer master’s degrees in engineering, journalism, law, business administration, and education to eligible students who had previously completed a bachelor’s degree program at another university. These degrees were offered at both the bachelor’s (BBA) and master’s (MBA) levels.

What is the University of Florida Acceptance Rate?

It is estimated that roughly 23% of applicants are accepted to Florida University. As a result, UF is among the best public research universities in America and among the most selective in Florida.

One of the lowest acceptance rates in the state of Florida is that of the University of Florida. Even though most students who apply to UF are accepted, it’s crucial to remember that only 23% of applicants are accepted.

This implies that having excellent grades and test results is crucial if you’re applying to a college like this. This rate may change from year to year and be influenced by some variables, including the size of the applicant pool and the academic profile.

The acceptance rate at the University of Florida is nearly 60% lower than the 56.7% national average for all colleges. Remember that acceptance rates should be compared to other variables, such as average SAT/ACT scores and the GPA of admitted students, to fully assess a university’s selectivity.


University of Florida GPA Requirement

The applicant’s secondary school rigor and academic GPA are given a lot of weight by the school when selecting applications. Additional factors include extracurricular activities, volunteer work, talents and skills, application essays, and character. Admissions officers at UF believe that a student’s GPA is an important academic factor.

Even with an average GPA, admission to this university will be challenging because it rejects more applications than it accepts, despite having the ninth-highest average GPA in Florida. To be considered for admission to the university, candidates must have a minimum GPA of 3.75 and above-average high school grades.

We calculated the average GPA (3.62–3.89) of admitted students at the University of Florida (UF) using sample GPA data from more than 150 universities. Furthermore, UF applicants’ average high school GPA is 4.0.

Unquestionably, having a high GPA can make a candidate stand out from the crowd and improve their chances of being accepted into the college of their choice.

35% of first-year students had a high school GPA above 4.0, while 46% of enrolled first-year students had a GPA between 3.75 and 3.99. At the University of Florida, about 40% of applicants are accepted, and 47% of those admitted enroll in classes.

SAT and ACT Requirements for the University of Florida

When determining whether to admit applicants, the University of Florida also takes their scores on standardized tests into account.

In addition to meeting other prerequisites, applicants cannot be admitted without their SAT results. Test essays are optional, but students must submit their scores from the SAT or ACT to the University of Florida.

The top 13% of SAT takers are generally preferred by the University of Florida. Considering that 82% of applicants submit SAT scores to the university, Florida has the highest average SAT composite score in the state and is ranked 66th in the country. Therefore, it’s imperative to have a competitive SAT score.

UF admits students with average SAT scores between 1300 (25th percentile) and 1470 (75th percentile). The composite SAT score for the University of Florida is 1360 out of 1600. Furthermore, 1390 is the average SAT score of university applicants.

However, candidates with SAT scores of 1310 or lower may still be accepted in certain situations. Moreover, the top 9% of applicants submit their ACT results. At 63rd and first in Florida, this university has the highest average ACT composite score in the nation.

57% of applicants submit their ACT scores to the University of Florida, where a 30 is the average score. For the ACT, this institution is highly competitive. Furthermore, applicants to UF who are accepted typically have ACT scores between 27 (25th percentile) and 33 (75th percentile).



In conclusion, the acceptance rate at the University of Florida is approximately 23%, indicating that admission to the university is competitive.

However, because the university also considers essays, extracurricular activities, GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and other factors when making admissions decisions, this rate does not accurately reflect how selective it is.

Maintaining good grades, aiming for competitive test scores, participating in extracurricular activities, writing insightful essays, and supplying strong recommendations are all crucial to increasing your chances of admission to UF.

The best strategy to improve your chances of admission is to show that you are an enthusiastic and well-rounded student who is passionate about both the university and your intended major.

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