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University In Ogun State: This will be a comprehensive list of all the universities in Ogun State. Today, Nigeria is home to a number of universities, all of which have produced honorable graduates. 

University In Ogun State

However, you need at least be aware of the list of institutions present in the state if you are hoping to enroll in one of the Ogun State universities and earn a degree there.

Ogun state was established by General Murtala Mohammed administration on February 3, 1976. It is situated in the southwest of Nigeria and is bordered by the states of Lagos to the south, Ondo to the east, Osun and Oyo to the north, and the Republic of Benin to the west.

The first and only University of Education in Nigeria, the most private universities registered with students, and many more notable institutions are all in the state.


List of Universities in Ogun State

This is the list of Universities in Ogun state

Federal Universities

State Universities

Private Universities

These are all of the universities in the state of Ogun.


Ogun State In Brief

Ogun State was established in 1976 and is situated in the Southwest of Nigeria. Its capital is Abeokuta. Ogun State is a manufacturing hub because it has a large number of manufacturing businesses, and it was formerly estimated to have a population of almost 4 million people.

Sagamu, Ijebu Ode, and other towns are located in Ogun state, which has produced many well-known people and is relatively close to Lagos.

You shouldn’t worry if you live in Ogun State because you can attend several nearby universities, especially if you don’t want to travel too far.

Most of Nigeria’s postsecondary institutions are located in Ogun, where you may find both public and private schools with reasonable tuition costs.

You should be aware that there are prerequisites you must fulfill in order to be granted provisional admission to any university. These prerequisites must be satisfied before you can receive admission to any university.


We’ve provided you with a list of universities in Ogun State, information on how to apply, and requirements you must meet in order to get admitted.

Ogun State is a great destination to visit and live, and it is home to one of Nigeria’s top private universities.

You should also be aware that the requirements needed from you must be satisfied in order to have easy entry into any of the universities that are available to you.

You should also be aware that public universities are more affordable than private universities and that the fees are given based on your department. Those who choose professional courses are expected to pay more than those who take other courses of their choice.

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