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Universities in Lagos: If you are visiting Lagos State for the first time and are interested in learning more about your educational options, you have come to the right place. 

Universities In Lagos

This page will present a thorough list of universities in Lagos State, from federal to state and ultimately private.

By developing a range of schools across the state, the Lagos government has done a fantastic job of encouraging education.

Universities In Lagos State And Requirements

Eleven universities exist in Lagos State, with two controlled by the federal government, three by the state, and six by private persons. NUC has approved the schools listed below.

Federal Universities

State Universities

Private Universities

  • Augustine University
  • Caleb University, Lagos
  • Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos
  • Anchor University Ayobo Lagos State
  • Eko University of Medical and Health Sciences Ijanikin, Lagos
  • James Hope University, Lagos, Lagos State


Lagos State Universities and Their Cut Off Marks

The minimal passing score for Ogun State’s universities is 160. This indicates that to be admitted to any of the Lagos State universities, an applicant must receive a score of 160 or higher.

To buy a form at any of the aforementioned universities, you must receive a score of at least 160.

University of Lagos (UNILAG)

The University of Lagos is a renowned institution committed to offering top-notch instruction, research, and community service. Over the past few years, leaders have been produced in various sectors through different programs.

As the University of First Choice and the Pride of the Nation, the University of Lagos (UNILAG) values the growth and well-being of its faculty, staff, and undergraduate and graduate students.

By educating, conducting research, and providing services to the teeming youth population since its founding in 1962, the institution has continued to play a significant role in nation-building.

Part-time Bachelor’s Degrees in Lagos State 2024

Numerous internationally recognized universities are located in Lagos State. Among the most esteemed schools are Lagos State University, Caleb University, and Yaba College of Technology. 

International students can pursue advanced degrees at these highly regarded colleges in hundreds of different subjects, which makes Lagos State a fantastic option for higher education. The list of part-time bachelor’s degree programs is below.


Requirement for Building a University in Nigeria

For the institution to be recognized by the government and the National Universities Commission, several procedures or steps must be followed while establishing a university in Nigeria.

The National Universities Commission is responsible for any and all duties involving universities. To ensure that students’ requirements are satisfied, the NUC advises that universities’ academic structures contain courses from various areas.

Funding documentation is necessary. This should include both one-time and ongoing costs.

The correct combination of workers is also crucial. There should be a reasonable balance between teachers and support personnel. The National Uniformed Services Committee (NUC) provides regulations governing personnel practices.

In this instance, the government body in charge of confirming your funding source is the NUC. This is an absolute necessity for a secure launch.

The licensing application comes next, which requires revealing both permanent and transient property. Something must satisfy or surpass minimum requirements to pass muster.

These also need to represent the institution’s guiding principles. Be aware that you must show evidence of a guaranteed and verifiable sum of $200,000,000. A finished campus master plan for the university should also be provided.

A university campus requires at least 100 acres of land, according to the NUC. Private housing is also needed to augment the current dorms, easy access to transit, and connection to a water source and the university campus.

It’s crucial to build ties with reputable educational institutions. As a result, it is necessary to prepare for ongoing contact between the two or more entities. The size of the actual campuses is not one of the requirements that National Open Universities must meet, but all of the other requirements are.

The steps for applying will be thoroughly explained during the registration process. Despite the abovementioned justifications, careful planning must still be done before establishing the institution.

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