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UC Davis Acceptance Rate: Among the University of California’s public colleges, UC Davis is a highly regarded and competitive school. Everything you need to know about applying to UC Davis will be covered in this article.

UC Davis Acceptance Rate

The northernmost campus of the state-run University of California system is UC Davis. Situated on the outskirts of Sacramento, the university is well-known for its science and engineering curricula and routinely holds the top spot in the nation for majors and programs in agriculture.

UC Davis has made sustainability a central component of its mission. The school is renowned for its bicycle program and is dedicated to developing a green campus.

Bicycles are now the most popular form of transportation on campus, thanks to the school’s active support of sustainable transportation. 

UC Davis Acceptance Rate

41.8% of applicants are accepted to UC Davis. This represents a decrease of over 10% from the prior year, indicating that UC Davis is becoming increasingly selective, making admissions more difficult.

Comparing UC Davis to other UC campuses, it is less selective. The most selective of the UC campuses, UCLA, has an acceptance rate of 9%, while UC Merced has the highest acceptance rate at 89%.

Check out the acceptance rate for UC Davis over the past few years. This data offers insightful information about the university’s competitiveness, trends in admission, and level of selection for potential students.


How Hard is it to Get Into UC Davis?

Do you want to enroll as an undergraduate at UC Davis and make an impression on the admissions staff? You’re not alone; the low acceptance rate at UC Davis is a result of the school’s popularity.

The U.S. News 2022 Best Colleges list has UC Davis at number 38. The university came in at number 20 on Forbes’ list of the 2021 Top Colleges.

With roughly 30,000 undergraduate students, UC Davis is a sizable university. That being said, applying to UC Davis is not an easy task.

You’ll need to impress UC Davis admissions officers with more than just meeting the GPA requirements, as the school has an acceptance rate of 38.87%. Start your UC Davis application as soon as possible, paying special attention to the UC Personal Insight Questions, to improve your chances of being admitted.

In order to gain access to UC Davis, one must ready themselves for a demanding application process. Try to create the best UC Davis application you can, keeping in mind the low acceptance rate.

What GPA do I need for UC Davis?

Be sure to consider the UC Davis GPA requirements when you consider your admissions options. For admission to UC Davis, California students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

According to UC Davis’s GPA requirements, out-of-state students must have a minimum of 3.4. Additionally, you need to complete a few prerequisite high school courses.

The weighted mid-fifty GPA of admitted students in 2019 was 3.95–4.25 and the unweighted mid-fifty was 3.72-4.0. But UC Davis admissions emphasizes that your application is about much more than just your GPA.

Make the most of other aspects of your UC Davis application if you’re concerned that your GPA won’t even come close to meeting the requirements. For example, highlight your unique qualities by answering compelling UC Personal Insight Questions.

What Does UC Davis Look For?

Prospective students can learn more about what makes an excellent application from UC Davis. Your performance in the A-G subjects mentioned above, your standing in your high school class, and any advanced placement courses you have taken are all taken into consideration for many of the criteria.

Additionally, they are seeking students who have a passion for green living and have experience in leadership roles so they can contribute to the campus and community of UC Davis.


Final Thoughts

UC Davis is a reputable university that is still open to a large number of students. UC Davis provides students with the chance to become a part of the largest network of public research universities in the world, the University of California, while also joining a dynamic and community-focused college.

Students who want to work in engineering, environmental science, or agriculture should definitely consider UC Davis.

Even though UC Davis has a lower admissions rate than other universities in the system, it is still less than 50%, so applicants must be highly qualified to be admitted.

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