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Thiel Fellowship Acceptance Rate: Developed by the Thiel Foundation, which was founded by billionaire Peter Thiel. Students who are school dropouts and have ideas for other work but are 22 years of age or younger are eligible for the Thiel Scholarship.

Thiel Fellowship Acceptance Rate

It might involve conducting scientific research, launching a business, or working on a social movement. This honor is given out every year. Candidates that make the cut receive $1,000,000 spread over two years in addition to resources and advice. 

It is roughly 83 lakh Indian rupees. Dylan Field (Figma), Ritesh Agarwal (OYO Founder), Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum), and Boyan Slat (The Ocean Cleanup) are a few well-known individuals who have received Thiel fellowships.

About Peter Thiel Fellowship

The Thiel Fellowship is available to anyone with a strong desire to be creative. Founded in 2011 by investor and technology entrepreneur Peter Thiel, this two-year program provides a $100,000 grant.

It is exclusively accessible to people who are enthusiastic about invention and innovation and who are 22 years of age or younger.

This fellowship is special in that, in order to be eligible, recipients must either stop or postpone their college education.


Thiel Fellowship Acceptance Rate

The Thiel Fellowship age limit, which is 22 or younger for applicants, is one of the main requirements. The Thiel fellowship requirements require students to drop out of school in order to pursue their ideas.

The fellowships grant committee will also determine additional thiel fellowship eligibility requirements based on the applications that applicants submit.

Additionally, because the fellowship is intended for young people who want to create new things, the applicant must be able to demonstrate that he or she has innovative ideas.

The acceptance rate for the Thiel Fellowship is incredibly low—just 0.1%. Candidates who meet the requirements for the Thiel Fellowship are eligible to apply at any time of day, all year long.

How to Apply

People who fit the Thiel Scholarship’s eligibility requirements can fill out and submit the online application for the Peter Thiel Fellowship.

It’s crucial to remember that candidates can apply whenever it’s convenient for them because the Thiel Fellowship application form is always available.

Thiel Fellowship Rewards

The billionaire investor Peter Thiel founded the Thiel Fellowship Scheme. The Thiel Foundation runs the fellowship program and provides educational opportunities for young people who choose to work on completely new projects instead of attending their schools or colleges.

The Thiel fellowship amounts awarded to the eligible scholars are listed below.

  • A USD 1,00,000 fellowship is awarded to each chosen candidate for the Thiel fellowship. 
  • Only students who are 22 years of age or younger are eligible for the reward. 
  • The fellowship amount is given to the qualified candidates for a two-year period.

Thiel Fellowship Documents Required 

Outstanding students will receive a USD $1,000,000 fellowship from the Peter Thiel fellowship in 2023. In addition to the money, it gives school dropouts resources and advice so they can pursue other creative endeavors.

The properly completed application form must be submitted with the Thiel fellowship requirements in order to be eligible for these benefits. These documents are listed in the section below.

  • Age proof
  • Copy of marksheet of the last exam passed
  • Work on which applicant is working
  • Residence proof
  • School/college enrollment letter


Contact Details

The completed application form for the Thiel fellowship must be submitted by applicants. To address any questions about the fellowship, the interested candidate can get in touch using the information provided below.

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