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In providing financial assistance, the Taco Bell Scholarship has stood the test of time. They have assisted lots of students and are reliable. However, you need the right information to stand a chance with this scholarship and that is what we provide. Read on!

Taco Bell Scholarship

Taco Bell Scholarship

The Taco Bell Foundation breaks down barriers to educate and inspire the upcoming generation of American leaders.

Since 1992, the Taco Bell Foundation has reached out to over 4 million youth, and it has awarded grants and Live Más Scholarships totaling over $110 million to nonprofit organizations that assist youth in preparing for higher education and the job.

Through the Round-Up Program, donations are collected in Taco Bell restaurants nationwide to fund educational initiatives, the Local Grants Program, and the Live Más Scholarships for Consumers.

Taco Bell franchise owners finance the Live Más Scholarships for Restaurant Workers.


The Live Más Scholarship

To empower the nation’s future generation of dreamers, innovators, and creators whose interests don’t fit the conventional “academic” or “athletic” qualifying criteria of traditional scholarship programs, the Taco Bell Foundation established the Live Más Scholarship in 2015.

Scholarship Eligibility

To qualify for the 2024 Live Más Scholarship Program, all applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. The applicant must be between 16 and 26 years old as of the program’s last day and be a resident of one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia (“D.C.”). If the applicant is a minor in their state of residence, parental consent is required for the application.

2. The applicant must be on track to enroll in or apply for a post-high school or post-secondary educational program that is accredited, including accredited and four-year colleges, universities, vocational-technical, and trade schools.

3. The applicant must be willing to collaborate with the Scholarship Management Company of the Taco Bell Foundation throughout the application and award processes.

4. This version of the program is not open to individuals employed by Taco Bell Foundation, Inc., Taco Bell of America, LLC, Taco Bell Corp., its parent, subsidiaries of its parent, franchisees, licensees, or the advertising and promotion companies associated with this program.

5. Taco Bell restaurant employees are eligible to apply for the Live Más Scholarship for Restaurant Employees Program.

6. The applicant should not have previously received a Live Más Scholarship. Previous Live Más Scholarship winners may apply for the Live Más Scholarship Renewal Program.

Application Process

Create and submit a video (lasting 2 minutes or less) that addresses the following questions:

1. What is your passion, and how are you currently pursuing it?

2. How do you intend to use your passion to uniquely bring about a positive change in your community or the world?

3. How will your education contribute to enabling you to pursue your passion and effect change?

Ensure that your video clip falls within the range of 30 seconds to 2 minutes. You may record this video on your phone, computer, tablet, or any other MP4-capable device available to you.

The format of your video can be a cartoon, a short film, or a straightforward recommendation. It’s not a competition to produce a cinematic masterpiece. The objective is simply to learn more about you, your passion, and your ideas for instigating change at both local and global levels.

Scholarship Award

$5 million in Live Más Scholarships will be awarded by the Taco Bell Foundation in 2024. Of those, $1 million will go to new applicants, $4.4 million to previous recipients through our renewal program, and $1.5 million to Taco Bell shop employees.

In 2024, recipients of the Live Más Scholarship will be eligible for renewal grants totaling up to $4.4 million.

Scholarships exceeding the $3,000,000 maximum may be awarded, subject to the availability of funds and at the sole discretion of the Taco Bell Foundation (Sponsor).

Selection Process

Each program year will follow a single application, selection, and award period. The specified dates for these stages are as follows:

Applicants should submit their applications between two months from the application date at 5:00 p.m. PST.

For the year 2024, the selection period occurred from April 27, 2023, through January 12, 2024.

Notification period: Recipients of the Live Más Scholarship for Restaurant Employees Program will be notified on or around April 27, 2024.

The Taco Bell Foundation established the Live Más Scholarship for Restaurant Employees in 2016 to support Taco Bell team members in pursuing their educational aspirations.


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