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Scholarship in Nigeria for Undergraduate: With the start of the new academic year, numerous universities and institutions are currently looking for the best and brightest undergraduate. Nigerian students who meet the eligibility requirements in order to provide them with financial aid so they can pursue a Bachelor’s degree abroad or in Nigeria.

Scholarship in Nigeria for Undergraduate

We have provided information on all you need to know about applying for the ongoing scholarships available for Nigerian students so that you won’t miss out on any of these educational chances.

You may now stay informed about the numerous scholarships available to Nigerian students thanks to the ScholarshipAir website, and you’ll also be notified when new scholarships are added.

You only need to look through the list we have compiled for you above to find the online scholarships for undergraduates that will be the ideal study opportunity for you; we have already found the scholarships for you.

Scholarships for Nigerian Students

Different individuals or groups in Nigeria, such as the Federal Government, State Governments, Oil Companies, etc., provide scholarships for Nigerian students. These scholarships are available to students in Nigeria:


1. Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Scholarship:

It is one of the top scholarships available to Nigerian students, delivering grants that cover the cost of their education from the time they enroll until they graduate.

Compared to other scholarships offered to students in Nigeria, they provide greater financial benefits to their recipients.

This annual scholarship for Nigerian students requires academic eligibility, and it awards recipients N300,000 per semester until they graduate.

To meet the requirements for the NLNG scholarship, it is advisable to apply early and to have a strong cumulative grade point average.

2. Agbami Scholarship

The only sponsor of the Agbami scholarship is Chevron and Agbami partners. In order to be eligible for the scholarship, you must be enrolled in an engineering or medical program. You can apply for it, for instance, if you are in one of the engineering faculties and have a strong CGPA.

The scholarship has a monetary value for both engineering and medical students. The former receives N200,000 in financial worth, while the latter receives N100,000.

At this point, it is likely to be argued that the fact that medical students work with people makes them more financially advantageous than engineering students.

3. PTDF Scholarships Programme (Nigeria and Oversea)

Both domestic and international universities are covered by the PTDF scholarships for Nigerian students. The scholarship program is offered by the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources of Nigeria and is open to students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at various levels of higher education.

You can apply for this scholarship for Nigerian students and join the fortunate ones. Each successful applicant for the PTDF scholarship has a chance to win N150,000 and a brand-new laptop that would be used for conducting course-related educational research.

4. MTN Scholarship

One of the largest telecom companies in Africa is MTN, and a significant portion of Nigeria’s population uses its services.

The corporation gives MTN scholarships to support various undergraduate students in faculties like science and applied technology as a way of giving back to Nigeria.

Since the scholarship program was established, a huge number of students have applied for it. On the other side, chosen students must maintain a specific CGPA each year if they wish to continue receiving N200,000 until their program is complete.

5. NNPC/Chevron Scholarship:

You may be aware of the NNPC or the Chevron Scholarship but not be interested. Chevron and NNPC are the scholarship’s official sponsors.

Numerous undergraduate students from different universities in Nigeria have benefited from the scholarship program in their pursuit of a quality postsecondary education.

Since the scholarship only lasts for four years, maintaining the various advantages associated with it requires a strong academic record each year.

As long as you are enrolled in a Nigerian university, the NNPC/Chevron scholarship is worthwhile. Successful candidates will get N100,000 up until their final year of studies.

6. Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship:

The founder of Zenith Bank Nigeria and a well-known figure in the banking sector is Jim Ovia. Based on his philanthropic character and his provision of scholarships to Nigerian undergraduate students all around the nation, he has won various honors.

He has contributed N150,000,000 over a period of more than ten years to support multiple students in receiving high-quality education without having to pay tuition.

From their 100 level till the year of graduation, students are eligible for the sum of N150,000 each year. You can still try to apply for this scholarship at any time.

7. Exxon Mobil Scholarship:

Even if the Exxon Mobil Scholarship is less well-known than some others, you can still apply if you meet the requirements to be one of the chosen applicants.

It is an annual scholarship available to students enrolled in either 100L or 200L courses at any Nigerian university. Additionally, some students are hired by the corporation to work there in the year following graduation.

According to the records, 40% of the Exxon Mobil Scholarship is awarded to students studying social sciences, business administration, and other relevant fields, and 60% of the scholarship is given to students studying engineering and geosciences. You must fulfill the academic standards in order to be eligible for the award.


Eligibility for Undergraduate Scholarship

Make sure you complete all prerequisites before applying for any undergraduate scholarships so that the organization giving the prize will consider you qualified for it.

Even while various organizations and institutes have particular demands of candidates, there are general standards that every undergraduate student hoping to study abroad should achieve.

You need to have the following documents in order to be eligible:

  • Passport Photograph
  • WAEC Certificate
  • International Passport (if you are studying abroad)
  • Reference Letter/Sponsorship Letter
  • Local Government of Origin Identification
  • O’level Result
  • Jamb Result
  • Birth Certificate
  • National Identification Number (optional in most cases)

If you want to study abroad, you must fulfill any of the following criteria:

Enroll as a foreign student

Being a national or resident of a nation other than the home country of the awarding body

If the scholarship is intended exclusively for students from developing African nations (Nigeria is included), you must be from one of those nations.

Would have already applied to the university of your choice, been accepted, or at the very least been given a conditional offer.

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