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Receiving the Ramanujan Fellowship is a fairly simple process. As you read through, all you have to do is follow the directions we will be providing.

Ramanujan Fellowship

The Ramanujan Fellowship is intended for outstanding Indian scientists and engineers who are currently working overseas and wish to return to India to pursue jobs in scientific research. The fellowship is very selective and only available to scientists. 

The extramural financing programs of the various S&T agencies of the Government of India would allow the Ramanujan Fellows to work in any of the nation’s scientific institutions and universities and provide them with regular research funds.

About the Ramanujan Fellowship Program

Applications for the Ramanujan Fellowship program can be submitted online by the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB). The purpose of this fellowship is to assist Indian engineers and scientists who are currently employed overseas.

The fellowship recipients will be provided with financial support to carry out research at any Science and Technology Institution, encompassing academic departments, national laboratories, and university departments throughout India.

In order to support candidates’ research aspirations, it is imperative that the institution where they intend to conduct their research be willing to provide the administrative infrastructure support for research and development.

In order to find out more about the fellowship, please study the comprehensive details if you are interested in this opportunity.


Objectives Of Ramanujan Fellowship

The primary goal of this scholarship program is to give scientists and engineers financial support. The SERB Ramanujan Fellowship will provide the fellows with numerous advantages.

According to income tax regulations, the cash received as part of this fellowship is also taxable. The selection requirements for this fellowship are highly specialized to scientists and are exceedingly selective.

It is possible for scientists to work in any of the nation’s colleges or scientific institutions. Interested candidates can simply apply online for this scholarship by visiting the official website.

This fellowship is intended for exceptionally talented Indian scientists and engineers who wish to return to India from overseas and take up scientific jobs in India.

Benefits Of Ramanujan Fellowship Program

The fellowship benefits will be awarded to selected candidates for a set period of five years; extensions are not feasible. The following advantages were given to the beneficiaries:

  • A combined monthly income of 1,35,000 rupees that includes house rent allowance (HRA).
  • An annual allocation of Rs. 7.00 lakh will be made to each Fellow to cover research-related costs, including travel, consumables, research staff, and unanticipated circumstances.
  • Each Fellow would receive an extra Rs. 60,000 a year for overhead costs.

Features Of Ramanujan Fellowship

The Department of Science and Engineering Research Board is the one that initiated this scholarship. The following are its features and benefits:

  • All Indian scientists and engineers who are currently employed overseas will benefit from the SERB Ramanujan Fellowship.
  • Only scientists without a contract, tenure track post, or permanent position in an Indian institute or university are eligible for the fellowship.
  • The fellowship will run for five years and cannot be extended.
  • The fellowship will pay out a monthly total of Rs. 1,35,000 (consolidated with HRA).
  • The scientists have the option of working for any S&T institution, such as national laboratories in India or university departments or other academic establishments.
  • Scientists and technologists who are interested in applying for a fellowship should get in touch with the institutions of their choosing, who will then transmit their nominations to SERB.
  • The fellows are expected to work in national laboratories, departments inside other academic institutions, and any scientific university or institution in the nation.
  • Interested parties can apply online with ease by visiting the official website.
  • To benefit from this award, all applicants must submit the appropriate supporting documentation.
  • For the applicant to be eligible for this scholarship, they must fulfill the specified requirements.

A specially formed subject area/discipline-wise committee appointed by SERB will review the development of the Ramanujan fellows.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants for this position must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Possess an MD in medicine, a Ph.D. in science or engineering, or a master’s degree in engineering or technology.
  • Be sufficiently experienced in their field.
  • Have a lower age than forty.
  • Exhibit a robust and remarkable background, as evidenced by their scholarly works and awards.
  • Not be employed by any Indian Institute or University on a contract, permanent, or tenure-track basis.
  • Working overseas at the time of nomination at the moment.

Selection Procedure

Nominations must be submitted by candidates as soon as they have selected their preferred fellowship institute. An authorized Search and Selection Committee will choose candidates for this fellowship project on a regular basis.


Documents Required

  • Nomination Letter
  • CV of Nominee
  • Plagiarism is undertaken by the Principal Investigator

Application Procedure

Interested candidates may submit their nominations to SERB by doing the following:

  • Go to the website of the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB).
  • Go to the “Awards & Fellowships” section from the homepage’s menu bar.
  • From the drop-down menu, pick “Ramanujan Fellowship.”

After reviewing the data on the screen, click the “Apply” link to continue.

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