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Prime Minister Research Fellowship: The Science and Engineering Research Board, a division of the Department of Science and Technology under the Government of India, introduced the coveted Prime Ministers Fellowship for Doctoral Research scheme.

Prime Minister Research Fellowship

This program aims to improve industry-university cooperation by matching research initiatives to market demands. The program enables full-time Ph.D. researchers to carry out research in a few “focus areas” that have been picked out by businesses and are also in line with societal needs.

For scholars who want to pursue their PhDs in renowned Indian technology and research institutions, there are 100 fellowships available each year.

The implementation of this scheme is carried out by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) on behalf of SERB (Science and Engineering Research Board). Duration: 4 Years

Objective Of Prime Minister Research Fellowship

The Prime Minister Research Fellowship’s major goal is to give Ph.D. candidates financial support so they can conduct research effectively and efficiently.

The Indian government will provide this financial support. Students will be inspired by this program to pursue careers in research.

The Prime Minister research fellowship program is only available to students who intend to pursue their studies in science or technology.


Area of Research

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Medicine

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must fulfill the requirements listed below in order to be eligible for the Prime Minister’s Fellowship for Doctoral Research Scheme:

  • Possess Indian citizenship.
  • Register in a PhD program at an academic or research center that offers the degree full-time.
  • Submit their application no later than 14 months after the earliest of the date of PhD acceptance or registration.
  • Have previously fulfilled the required academic requirements with success.
  • Find a business partner that is willing to provide Rs. 4 lakhs year, or 50% of the fellowship amount.

Application Process

Only online applications submitted through the program’s website will be taken into consideration. Do not send any hard copies of the application or any accompanying materials.

Through the website www.serbficci-iirrada.in, candidates may apply at any time of the year for the Prime Minister’s Fellowship for Doctoral Research Scheme of the SERB.

Documents to be submitted

  • A recent passport photo
  • Scan of Other Degree / Diploma Certificates (if applicable) PhD Enrolment & Registration Certificate 10th, 12th, Graduation & Post-Graduation Certificate
  • Overview of the hosting institution
  • 3 pages maximum for the PhD supervisor’s bio
  • Biographical Information of Industry Mentor, not to exceed 3 Pages, with Logo for Partner Company
  • Commitment from the institute’s or university’s president and the research supervisor
  • A letter from the industry partner (on the company letterhead) outlining the research challenge and any future implementation plans, if any, is required as part of the industry partner’s commitment to the research project.


Benefits And Features Of Prime Minister Research Fellowship

The Prime Minister Research Fellowship Scheme was established by the Indian government to raise the standard of research conducted at the nation’s higher education facilities.

In order to entice the brightest talent into research, this program provides research fellows with alluring fellowships.

This program was disclosed by the government in the 2018–19 budget.

This program will cover students from IIT, IISCRs, the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru, and some of the best central institutions and NITs that offer degrees in science or technology.

Through a national convention, the performance of the students chosen under this program will be evaluated.

The nodal Institute will create numerous expert panels to assess the fellow’s progress.

At least three to four people will be on this panel, with a maximum of two coming from the institution that will be hosting it.

The fellows must instruct at least once every week.

If the deliverables are not met, the fellowship may be terminated.

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