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OLFU Nursing Tuition Fee: The cost of attending OLFU varies based on the course or program you’re interested in. Furthermore, costs may differ amongst OLFU campuses.

OLFU Nursing Tuition Fee

However, we have provided some examples based on university data to give you an idea of how the university charges for tuition.

About OLFU

In the Philippines, Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) is a renowned university. This is OLFU’s overview:

  • Dr. Jose Olivares and his son-in-law, Dr. Vicente M. Santos, established OLFU in Valenzuela City, Philippines, in 1967. The university has developed and grown since its founding, providing a vast array of programs.
  • With its main campus located in Valenzuela City, OLFU maintains several campuses throughout the Philippines. There are more campuses in Antipolo City, Pampanga, Quezon City, Nueva Ecija, and other places. Different services and programs are available on each campus.
  • A wide variety of academic programs, including undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees, are available at OLFU.
  • Medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, business, education, engineering, and many other topics are covered in these programs.
  • A large number of OLFU’s programs have accreditation from organizations and professional associations. The quality of education is guaranteed to meet both national and international standards thanks to this accreditation.
  • OLFU is especially well-known for its programs pertaining to medicine and healthcare. The university offers several colleges, including those of medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, which turn out graduates who make major contributions to the medical field.
  • Through its involvement in innovation and research, OLFU advances a number of fields. The university might collaborate with other institutions and have research centers.
  • Furthermore, the student body at OLFU might be diverse, consisting of foreign individuals who come to study in the Philippines.


OLFU Tuition Fee

The cost of tuition varies based on the particular program or course you are interested in and can change from year to year. additionally your academic standing (e.g., domestic or foreign student). Furthermore, costs may differ amongst OLFU campuses.

Therefore, I advise visiting the University’s official website to obtain the most accurate and current information on OLFU’s tuition fees. You can speak with the finance or admissions departments of the university directly.

Together with any other pertinent financial data, they ought to be able to provide you with the current tuition costs for the program you’re interested in.

Cost of Living at OLFU

In Valenzuela, living expenses are comparatively low. The cost of groceries and milk, for example, will range from Rs. 100 to Rs. 500.

There is a local transportation monthly pass available. It will cost you about 600 rupees. The cost of lodging will range from Rs. 4000 to Rs. 8000.



Certain types of funding, like scholarships, are repayable. Need-based scholarships consider the financial status of the applicant.

Merit-based scholarships are thus awarded to students who demonstrate academic or athletic excellence. The OLFU scholarships listed below can help students with their tuition costs;

  1. a) OLFU Online Scholarship Examination: Available to all SHS graduates, regardless of grade point average; eligible students will receive a discount ranging from 5% to 100%.
  2. b) Alumni Discount: All OLFU graduates are eligible for a Php2,000 discount.
  3. c) Foundation Scholarships: For eligible grantees, full payment of tuition and other fees is provided.
  4. d) Corporate/Government/Non-Government Scholarships – Provided by CHEd, DOST, PNP, City Government, BFP Children, and Additional Parties.
  5. e) Athlete Sports Program: Earn a spot on the Fatima Phoenix teams and receive a number of advantages.
  6. f) Discount for BS Criminology Students: First-semester BS Criminology students whose parents are employed by PNP, BFP, or BJMP are eligible for a 15% discount.
  7. g) Dean’s Lister Continuing Academic Scholarship: Eligible applicants may be awarded full or partial funding.
  8. h) Sibling Discounts: 10% off the second sibling, 15% off the third, 20% off the fourth, and FREE tuition for the fifth sibling are available to siblings who are enrolled for the same semester.

Scholarships, however, have a limited number of slots, and some are awarded to eligible applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. Campus-to-campus variations exist in some scholarship programs.


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