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The OB Montessori tuition fee are reasonably priced, making it an accessible choice for parents aspiring to provide their children with quality education. Typically, Montessori schools in the Philippines tend to be costly. If you’re a parent looking for additional details about enrolling your child in OB Montessori school, you can find more information on this page.

About OB Montessori School

Before we explore the primary topic of OB Montessori tuition fees, let’s provide a brief overview of the school to highlight its distinctive features.

OB Montessori is a well-regarded educational institution that adheres to the Montessori teaching method. The fundamental mission of Operation Brotherhood Montessori Center (OBMC) is to guide the intellectual, spiritual, and social development of children.

What sets OB Montessori apart from other Montessori-based private schools in the Philippines is its prepared learning environment.

Driven by Dr. Maria Montessori’s principles, the Montessori method prioritizes a child-centered approach to education, focusing on each student’s individual needs, interests, and development.

Established by Dr. Olympia B. Ocampo in the Philippines in 1966, OB Montessori promotes hands-on, experiential learning, encouraging children to learn at their own pace within a prepared environment.

The Montessori education approach is distinguished by its emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for the natural development of the child.

Crucially, OB Montessori typically provides programs tailored for children ranging from early childhood to adolescence.

These programs are categorized into different age groups, including Infant-Toddler, Casa (Preschool), Elementary, and High School. Consequently, each program is designed to address the developmental needs specific to the respective age group.


OB Montessori Tuition Fee

Assuming you’re a parent perusing this essay, it’s likely that you aim to offer your child the best possible education.

While the definition of a quality education can vary among parents, many of us can agree that it stands out as one of the most crucial legacies we provide for our children.

Acknowledging that our children’s academic success is heavily influenced by their personal drive, focus, and eagerness to learn, we still recognize the value of investing in a reputable school. Some of us even allocate our Christmas bonuses toward our children’s tuition fees.

Upon enrollment, your child will commence their education journey in Montessori preschool, progressing to Montessori elementary school.

Consequently, a major consideration for parents contemplating enrollment in a Montessori school, like many schools in the Philippines, revolves around the tuition fees.

However, this vital information is often not readily accessible on school websites.


To streamline your research efforts, we have conducted thorough investigations to compile all the relevant details regarding OB Montessori tuition fees in this article.

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