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The NYSC call up letter provides prospective corp members with the relevant information, such as their call up number, the state to which they have been assigned. 

NYSC Call Up Letter

The date on which they are supposed to report to camp, the date of their physical verification, the date on which they are supposed to depart from camp, and other details.

How to Print NYSC Call-Up Letters

The steps for printing your NYSC call-up letter are as follows.

  • Visit the NYSC website here
  • click the Here to Log In icon
  • Use your registered email address and password to log in.
  • To read and print your call-up letter, click the ‘Print Call Up Letter’ link.

Keep this in mind: Anyone who fails to report for duty in the service corps in accordance with the instructions in their Call-up Letter and/or refuses to make themselves available for duty in the service corps will face legal action.

Additionally, anyone who attempts to join the service corps while not being eligible to do so or having received a valid Certificate of National Service or Certificate of Exemption would be prosecuted.


Why You Cannot See Your Call-Up letter?

Many people lament not having received their call-up letter. This is why right now:

It’s possible that you weren’t deployed in that batch or stream or that there is too much traffic for the network to be accessible. All those who have not been deployed are advised by NYSC to wait for the following batch.

What to do If Your Call-Up Letter is Not Showing?

If you are one of those people who cannot locate your call-up letter, don’t worry. That’s not a problem. What you should do now is: Wait patiently for the subsequent batch.

What must you do to join the upcoming batch?

To join the following batch, you must revalidate. You will receive a new NYSC call up letter after revalidating that will include your deployment status and other essential details.


Things to Note Before the Orientation Exercise Begins

  • Students from Nigeria should bring the following documentation to camp: Personal Identity Card from the institution of graduation, Degree/HND Certificates or Statement of Results.
  • Foreign grads should certify the original copies of ALL submitted credentials and travel papers, including an international passport.
  • Foreign graduates must ensure that any academic documents written in a language other than English were translated and then brought to the camp for verification.
  • Medical and veterinary professionals should bring their professional licenses or certificates of complete registration issued by their professional bodies, as well as pharmacists, optometrists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, nurses, and public environmental health graduates

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