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Are you interested in the NROTC scholarship? Then here is your opportunity to get it. As you read through, we will be discussing about everything that you need to know about the NROTC scholarship that will give you the advantage.

NROTC Scholarship

National NROTC Scholarship

NROTC scholarships at the national level are granted to exceptional high school seniors aspiring to become commissioned officers in the US Navy or Marine Corps.

The application process typically opens in April of the candidate’s junior year and closes in January of their senior year.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, considering factors such as academic performance, test scores, leadership, athletics, interviews, and other comprehensive criteria.

Successful candidates must undergo a medical examination and a physical fitness assessment before activating the scholarship.

Those awarded the scholarship will attend a rigorous 2.5-week New Student Indoctrination (NSI) at Naval Station Great Lakes, IL during the summer before starting college.


NROTC Scholarship Benefits

  • Full Tuition and Fees OR Room and Board Assistance*
  • $250-400 Monthly Stipend
  • $750 Annual Book Stipend
  • All Necessary Uniform Items
  • Up to 4 Summer Cruises​

Academic Requirements

Midshipmen are required to uphold a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale to maintain good standing within the NROTC. Consistent GPA challenges may lead to the potential loss of the scholarship or disenrollment.

Beyond fulfilling naval science course requirements, midshipmen must complete specified math, science, and social studies courses as outlined by their chosen program option.

How to Apply

Applications for the College Program will be considered upon your notification to ASU of your intent to enroll in the upcoming fall semester. The deadline for the Fall Semester applications is June 30th.

A special training opportunity at the New Student Indoctrination in Great Lakes, IL, is available for selected applicants before joining NROTC at ASU. If you are interested, the submission deadline is no later than May 1st.

To complete your application, ensure that the following forms are filled out and returned:

1. NROTC College Program Application.pdf

2. Copy of High School Transcripts (Unofficial is fine)

3. Verification of SAT/ACT scores (a printout from the respected websites is fine)

4. Verification of US Citizenship

5. DD-2807 Medical Questionaire.pdf

6. The completed medical history form must include the following note from a doctor: “Cleared for participation in high-impact, full-body aerobic exercise.”

7. Men Uniform sizing form.pdf

8. Women Uniform sizing form.pdf

9. Full length photo

10. NROTC Marine Option Applicant Fitness Assessment

11. NROTC Navy Option Applicant Fitness Assessment

12. These should be submitted to nrotc@asu.edu by email.


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