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NITDA Blockchain Scholarship – The NITDA Blockchain Scholarship Program was launched by Domineum Blockchain Solutions and the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA).

NITDA Blockchain Scholarship

In order to help them build skill sets relevant to their careers in cutting-edge technologies. The program will teach blockchain technology to an average of 30,000 Nigerians.

What to Know about NITDA Blockchain Scholarship

Nigeria’s National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) will put the National Digital Economy policy into practice. 

They are tasked with creating a framework for Nigeria’s information technology activities. Which includes planning, conducting research, developing standard operating procedures, applying, coordinating, evaluating, monitoring, and regulating.

The Agency’s top priorities include developing and monitoring digital literacy and skills, strong infrastructure, service infrastructure. The creation and use of indigenous content, and the development and promotion of digital services.


The Aim of The Nitda Blockchain Scholarship

NITDA has begun a significant project to teach one million software developers across the country. In addition to opening up a ton of employment opportunities for people with digital skills. 

The NITDA Blockchain Scholarship (NBS) program will give participants the chance to learn new skills that will enable them to expand their businesses.

By becoming early adopters and experts in the blockchain industry while the technology is still in its infancy and ushers in the fourth industrial revolution. Africa has the opportunity to close the technological gap with other regions of the world.

The scholarship is open to any Nigerian who displays passion and drive, is willing to put in an average of twenty hours per week, has access to a laptop or desktop, and has demonstrated programming knowledge.

The course began on December 1, 2022, and the application window is open from October 31 through November 28, 2022, as it will be in 2023.

Requirements for Nitda Blockchain Scholarship Program

In order to be qualified to take part in the NITDA Blockchain Scholarship Program, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Nationality: Only Nigerian citizens are eligible for the scholarship.
  • A second-class upper (2:1) degree in any area of information technology from an authorized Nigerian institution is the minimum educational qualification for applicants. Candidates also need to have a Master’s degree in an IT-related field.
  • Industry Certification: Applicants must possess a minimum of one relevant industry certification, such as Certified Blockchain Developer (CBD). Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA), or any other credible blockchain certificate.
  • Age restrictions: Candidates must be 35 or younger.
  • National Youth Service Corps (NYSC): Applicants must have successfully completed the mandatory NYSC or have been granted a certificate of exemption.
  • Good moral standing and a lack of prior convictions are requirements for applicants.
  • Application Requirement: Applicants must submit a study proposal outlining how blockchain technology might be used to a critical problem in Nigeria.

It’s important to keep in mind that meeting the prerequisites does not guarantee acceptance for the scholarship. 

The selection process is challenging, though, and the victorious candidates will be chosen based on their academic standing, professional experience, research proposal, and results from an aptitude test.

Scholarship Value and Benefits

The program will be delivered in a hybrid mode (virtual and physical gatherings) in each state of the Federation. 

While other teams are exposed to the BSV Ecosystem so they can take part in other initiatives, outstanding project teams have the opportunity to enroll in a London incubation program.

Interested applicants should visit the application link to apply here >>.https://bit.ly/nbbs2022.


Future Prospects of the Nitda Blockchain Scholarship Program

The Nigerian blockchain industry has a lot of potential to expand thanks to the NITDA Blockchain Scholarship Program. Future program results that are likely include the following:

establishing a skilled blockchain workforce: By giving money to students and professionals to learn and upgrade their skills in blockchain technology. The scholarship program can contribute to the creation of a highly skilled workforce in Nigeria. New blockchain-based products and businesses may potentially be developed as a result of this.

Promotion of blockchain innovation Professionals and students in Nigeria may be motivated by the scholarship program to develop innovative, blockchain-based solutions to urgent problems.

Additionally, this might lead to the development of fresh blockchain-based businesses and industries, which would promote growth in the economy and the creation of jobs.

The scholarship initiative may help develop a network of blockchain professionals in Nigeria. The nation’s blockchain community will develop into a robust and active one thanks to this network’s capacity to collaborate on initiatives and share expertise.

Attracting international investment: As the blockchain industry in Nigeria develops, it may attract funding from overseas blockchain companies and investors. However, this can lead to the creation of new companies and jobs across the country.

In general, the NITDA Blockchain Technology Scholarship Program could have a favorable effect on Nigeria’s blockchain industry, resulting in increased economic activity and the creation of jobs.


The scholarship program can perhaps encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in Nigeria’s blockchain industry. 

In addition, the scholarship program can promote economic development and the creation of jobs in Nigeria. By fostering a community of blockchain experts and fostering the development of innovative blockchain-based solutions to contemporary problems.

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