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One option to join the paramilitary organization’s ranks is through the NDLEA Recruitment exercise, which invites competent Nigerians to apply for open positions. Here is everything you need to know about it.

NDLEA Recruitment


NDLEA Recruitment

The purpose of this article is to provide the reader with important information about NDLEA recruitment, including the starting and closing dates, the salary structure, the official recruitment portal for the year 2023, the requirements for recruitment, and guidelines for a successful application process.

Please take your time to read through this article attentively as we aim to address your queries thoroughly.

To access the NDLEA application form for the recruitment process in 2023, you need to visit the official recruitment portal of the NDLEA, which can be found at www.ndlea.gov.ng.

It is crucial to note that the recruitment exercise for the NDLEA is not currently ongoing.

Therefore, if anyone asks you to make a payment in exchange for a job in the NDLEA, they are fraudulent. The registration process for the NDLEA is completely free of charge.

NDLEA Recruitment 2023 Requirements

Before applying to the NDLEA, prospective candidates must meet certain requirements. Here is a list of the details:

1. Nigerian citizenship is mandatory for all applicants.

2. Candidates must be literate and meet the educational criteria specified below for the desired position.

3. BSC/HND qualification.

4. Successful completion of WAEC/NECO in not more than two sittings.

5. Completion of NYSC with the Discharge Certificate or Exemption letter.

6. Prior to final selection, shortlisted candidates will undergo a physical and psychological examination conducted by a medical professional from a government hospital.

7. Candidates are required to download two referee forms, which individuals of good standing within the community must complete.

8. Selected candidates will be asked to fill out additional vetting forms.

9. All applicants must complete the online application form, submit their passport photographs, and print the application slip, which will be used throughout the recruitment process.

10. Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for a second examination and interview.

11. Candidates must have a clean financial record without any outstanding debts or bankruptcy history.

12. Successful candidates will be subject to random illicit drug usage tests during their tenure with the Agency.

13. All potential candidates must possess a good character and must not have any criminal convictions, except for traffic violations.

14. Please ensure that you meet these requirements before proceeding with your application to the NDLEA.

How to Apply for NDLEA Recruitment 2023

Once you have met all the aforementioned requirements, this section will guide you through the application process. Here are the steps you should follow:

1. Visit the website www.ndlea.gov.ng/careers for more detailed information.

2. Sign up using your existing email address.

3. Select the position you are interested in.

4. Fill out the online application form.

5. Upload all the required documents as specified.

6. Finally, submit your completed application.

By following these steps, you will successfully complete the application process for the NDLEA.

NDLEA Recruitment 2023/2024 List of Shortlisted Candidates

This section will be filled in later because the 2023–2024 NDLEA Recruitment has not yet been released.

Please save this page and return to it occasionally.

Sunday, April 8, 2023, is the deadline for NDLEA applications.

NDLEA Salary Structure

The NDLEA payment system follows a structured approach based on grade levels and stages, which serves to maintain order and differentiation among officers at the same level.

The Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS) determines the salary as the agency operates within a paramilitary structure. Additional allowances, except for rent allowance, are consolidated with the basic salary.

The level of education also plays a role in determining the salary. HND holders are placed at Level 7, while degree holders are placed at Level 8.

For B.Sc. holders at Grade Level 8 Step 1 in the NDLEA, the annual salary is approximately $1,004,805, including all allowances. At Grade Level 8 Step 2, the annual salary is around $1,019,357. The total salary calculation follows the formula:

Level 8 Step 1 = CONPASS + Rent Allowance

₦888,956 + ₦115,849 = ₦1,004,805 (total annual salary)

₦83,733 (monthly salary)

For HND holders placed at Grade Level 7 Step 1, the annual salary is ₦573,287. The calculation is as follows:

Level 7 Step 1 = CONPASS + Rent Allowance

₦483,014 + ₦92,273.9 = ₦573,287 (total annual salary)

₦44,773 (monthly salary)

These figures reflect the approximate salary ranges for NDLEA officers based on their grade levels and educational qualifications.

NDLEA Contact Information

Address:  No 6 Portharcourt Crescent Area 11 Garki Abuja Nigeria.

Email: info@ndlea.gov.ng

The NDLEA recruitment drive is a chance for Nigerians who are aware of the drug problem in their country to take action. This is your chance to make Nigeria drug-free if you’re passionate about it.

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