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NDDC Scholarship: One of the organizations’ programs is the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Foreign Postgraduate Scholarship program. 

NDDC Scholarship

The goal is to give Niger Delta students the internships and skills they need to participate effectively in the current administration’s overseas scholarship program and to compete worldwide in a variety of professions. 

You have come to the right site if you want to learn more about the Niger Delta Development Commission scholarship.

About NDDC Scholarship

In order to encourage the Niger Delta‘s rapid, even, and acceptable development into a state that is economically prosperous, socially sound, environmentally regenerative, and politically friendly, NDDC was established in 2000. 

This objective is what the NDDC postgraduate scholarship scheme works to achieve. The NDDC launched a Foreign Post Graduate Scholarship program as part of our Human Resource Development Initiatives

To give residents of the Delta state region the training and skills they need to be influential participants in the current administration’s regional content program and to compete internationally in various professional fields.  

The project is open to qualified candidates who have earned the necessary Bachelor’s degrees from reputable universities in the professional subjects listed in the course area below.


Eligible Fields of Study

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Geosciences
  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Information Technology
  • Law
  • Management Sciences

Eligibility for NDDC Scholarship 2024

  • You must be a native of the states of Ondo, Edo, Imo, Akwa Ibom, Delta, Cross River, Rivers State, or Abia.
  • A first degree with at least a 2nd Class Lower Division is necessary for those who want to attend a Master’s program, and PhD candidates must have a quality Master’s degree from an approved university.
  • Candidates must have been admitted by a foreign university for a post-graduate degree in one of the aforementioned fields.
  • A candidate cannot already be enrolled in an international university in order to apply.
  • A member of the National Assembly or State House of Assembly, the chairman of the LGA, a first-class traditional ruler, or a high court judge from the applicant’s community or clan may act as a guarantor by submitting a written declaration attesting to the applicant’s good behavior.
  • The prize will not be granted to someone who has a criminal history, such as a conviction, or who has demonstrated membership in a cult.
  • The mandatory National Youth Service (NYSC) must have been completed by the candidates.

NOTE: The NDDC grant is given to Nigerian students pursuing degree programs at any approved college or university inside the country.

Despite the fact that anyone can apply for the NDDC Scholarship Program regardless of their race, color, religion, or nation of origin, Delta State residents make up the majority of those who do.

NDDC Scholarship 2024 Requirements for Postgraduate Studies

  • Online application via the Commission’s website
  • Based on their WASSCE or NECO undergraduate degree (1st Class/Second Upper), candidates are whittled down.
  • Each Niger Delta State will have consultants deliver the Local Government Identification Computer-Based Test. English, math, and general paper I.Q. proficiency will be examined.
  • Obtain a 70% or above on the test.
  • Only those candidates who are best qualified will be listed.
  • The final stage of verification will be carried out by the Local Government Areas and Community Development Committees.

NDDC Scholarship Requirements

  • The Niger Delta Development Commission sponsors the NDDC scholarship, which has a value of $1,000 (500,000 Naira).
  • The scholarship is given to single parents who are pursuing higher education along with their children.
  • Candidates must show financial necessity and be enrolled full-time.
  • Single parents between the ages of 25 and 45 are required to apply. Students enrolling full-time in a graduate program, a trade school, a technical school, a community college, or an approved 4-year institution or university.
  • Supporting/Must-Have Documents
  • a current passport photo
  • Letter of identification from local government.
  • Letter of Admission for Graduate Study from an Approved International University.
  • Degrees from a reputable university that are relevant.
  • Discharge/Exemption Certificate from the N.Y.S.C.


How to Apply

Are you willing and capable? For an application, visit the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) website at www.nddc.gov.ng.

  • The application must be submitted electronically at the NDDC website (see the application gateway below).
  • Once you complete the application, you will automatically receive a registration number.
  • Print a paper copy of the acknowledgment that was produced online for your convenience.
  • The names of all candidates who have been shortlisted will be posted on the NDDC website (www.nddc.gov.ng).

NOTE: At least 20 days must pass from the date of publication before submitting any completed applications.


The administration of the NDDC Foundation Scholarship has established an application deadline of no later than October 15, 2024.

This suggests that the deadline for NDDC scholarship 2024 online applications is October 15, 2024.

Those who have previously registered should use this chance to finish up their registration.

NOTE: Niger Delta State residents have the opportunity to study a Master’s or PhD overseas thanks to the Niger Delta Development Commission.

The prize is open to Niger Delta students who have already completed their national service and have a first degree with a second-class lower division or higher.

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