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When it comes to providing financial assistance, the McKay scholarship has stood the test of time. They have assisted lots of students and are reliable. However, you need the right information to stand a chance with this scholarship and that is what we provide. Read on!

Mckay Scholarship

McKay Scholarship

The McKay Scholarship program caters to students with impairments, allowing parents the flexibility to select the optimal learning environment for their children.

The essence lies in understanding what suits individual needs and having the freedom to make choices that benefit one’s family, as opposed to focusing on the public versus private school debate in the realm of school choice.

Parents of McKay Scholarship recipients can move their disabled children to a different school of their choice, granting access to over 25,000 disabled students to attend a regular private school throughout the academic year.

This program empowers parents to make decisions that best serve the educational needs of their disabled children.


Establishment of McKay Scholarships

In the late 1990s, Florida saw an increase in students with impairments. Despite their eligibility for Exceptional Student Education (ESE), not all of these students could attend public schools.

Immediate attention was required for these children. John McKay, the grandfather of a child with disabilities, assumed the role of president in the Florida State Senate. Proposing a plan, he empowered parents with the choice to allocate ESE funds or change their child’s school.

Parents, based on their child’s specific needs, gained the flexibility to choose between public and private schools. The primary goal of this scholarship program was to create an outstanding learning environment for children with impairments.

Named after John McKay, the scholarship swiftly gained recognition as the most prominent scholarship for disabled students in America.

Eligibility Criteria

Before withdrawing from your school, it is essential to submit an application for consideration for the McKay scholarship.

Eligibility for the McKay scholarship program requires the submission of a 504 Accommodation Plan or an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

To qualify, you must have enrolled in a Florida public school participating in the GRADES K-12 Florida education finance program in either October or February.

Additionally, if you were a pre-kindergarten student receiving early learning specialized instruction, you must have completed pre-kindergarten and be at least four years old.

If you visited the Florida deafblind school in October or February and meet the specified criteria, you may apply for McKay scholarships. Even without a 504 accommodation or an IEP, you might still be eligible.

Furthermore, if you are a child raised by someone other than your parents and are transferring from another country to a Florida school while accompanied by a member of the United States Armed Forces, you may also be eligible.

Parent Responsibility

1. As mentioned earlier, the McKay Scholarship empowers parents to choose the Florida public school for their child.

2. Before withdrawing your child from public school, initiating the scholarship process requires filing an intent to apply.

3. Upon completing the intent to participate form, reach out to the school district to inquire about available public school options for your child.

4. It’s crucial to note that the McKay scholarship intent form must be completed at least two months before receiving the initial scholarship payment.

5. Additionally, ensure your child meets eligibility criteria and select a suitable private school.

6. Make certain that your child adheres to the rules and regulations of the chosen private school.

7. Your responsibility includes ensuring your child attends the private school throughout the academic year, with exceptions for illness or other compelling reasons.

8. To determine your child’s scholarship eligibility, explore statewide evaluations.

Award for the McKay Scholarship Program

The scholarship award matches the sum you would have received for attending your designated public school or the tuition and fees of the private school you go for.

It’s crucial to understand that the scholarship does not encompass all private school costs. Any tuition or fees surpassing the scholarship amount are the responsibility of your parents to manage.

Deadline for the Scholarship Award

Submit your intent by July 3rd and complete registration and enrollment by August 2nd to qualify for the full scholarship amount.

For those submitting their intent by September 2nd, 75% of the scholarship funds will be granted if enrollment is finalized before October 2nd.

To be eligible for 50% of the award, submit your intent form by December 3rd and complete enrollment by January 2nd.

Submit the intent form by January 31st to be considered for 25% of the scholarship, with enrollment required by March 2nd to qualify for the award.


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