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Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship: For students who are interested in careers in the commercial spaceflight industry, the Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship Program is an excellent opportunity. Graduate students and college juniors and seniors are both eligible to apply.

Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship

The Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship Program connects exceptional students with the resources they need to become leaders. In the retail space industry in order to encourage the next generation to seek a career in commercial spaceflight.

An Overview of the Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship

The Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship is a non-profit organization in the United States that provides paid internships. Also, executive mentoring for exceptional undergraduate and graduate students interested in careers in the commercial space business.

Also, the fellowship was created in memory of Matthew Isakowitz, an American aerospace engineer who died at the young age of 29 and made significant contributions to the field of commercial spaceflight.

A paid summer internship that typically lasts 10 to 12 weeks is furthermore provided to the fellows by one of the top commercial spaceflight companies in their “host company” pool.

The job that fellows will be assigned to may need them to perform engineering designs, and market studies. Strategic planning, policy reviews, and business analysis and development duties.


Eligibility of the Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship

A student who intends to pursue a full-time career in the commercial spaceflight industry and who is a graduate student, a junior, or a senior in college at the time of application is eligible to apply for the Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship Program.

Because of the host firms’ export restriction regulations, they have a green card or is an American citizen. Must be able to participate in a full-time internship during the summer of 2024 and travel to the Los Angeles MIFP Summit in July.

Benefits of the Fellowship

The Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship offers its grantees a number of benefits, including:

1. Gainful Industry Experience: The participant will do summer internships that are paid with recognized organizations and companies in the aviation, aerospace, and commercial spaceflight sectors. Through this hands-on training, they can work on innovative projects and acquire priceless skills.

2. Opportunities for networking: The program also connects participants with a large network of mentors, experts, and students who share their passion for the aerospace sector. Through this network, potential future collaborations and career opportunities may be made feasible.

3. Professional growth: Participants have the chance to take part in conferences, workshops, and other events that can teach them more about and help them hone their skills in the aerospace industry. These opportunities could be advantageous for their professional and personal growth.

4. Participants in the fellowship program are exposed to a range of aerospace-related disciplines, including commercial spaceflight, aviation, and associated sectors. This thorough exposure may help fellows identify their areas of interest and prospective career paths.

5. Inspiration & Motivation: Matthew Isakowitz, a young entrepreneur and space enthusiast, is recognized in the program’s name. Fellows may find inspiration and motivation from being a part of this program to pursue their hobbies and make a good effect on the aerospace industry.

A resume or CV can highlight the noteworthy achievement of selection as a Matthew Isakowitz Fellow. It shows a commitment to and the ability to make a substantial impact on the aerospace sector.


There are 169 Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship alumni split across six cohorts connecting to more than 100 colleges globally as of 2022. 

However, as the program has become more competitive, only one of MIT, Stanford, or Georgia Tech is home to more than half of all fellows.

Every year, many students from all around the United States submit applications.  The selection of thirty candidates is based on their qualifications, excitement for commercial spaceflight, and perceived likeness to Isakowitz. 

This is done mostly through essays and interviews, with academic achievement and prior work experience in the business also taken into account. 

The host companies have connections to the finalists as well, and they independently conduct interviews and provide offers.


Application of the Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship

Apply by October 14, 2023, at matthewisakowitzfellowship.org/apply for the 2024 Class, and let your classmates, friends, and teachers know about it!

Learn about the qualifications for the fellowship as well. These could contain things like academic standing, a field of study, and certifications. Get ready the necessary documentation, including a résumé, curriculum vitae, and transcripts.

A letter of recommendation is also required, typically from instructors, role models, or industry professionals who can attest to your skills and prospects in the aerospace business. Response to the fellowship program’s questions or guidelines in an essay or personal statement

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