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Are you interested in getting the Marshall Scholarships? Then you are at the right place. The advantage to getting Scholarships or financial aid is getting the right information. As you read on, we will be showing you important information regarding the Marshall Scholarships.

Marshall Scholarships

Marshall Scholarships

The Marshall Scholarships stand as highly esteemed financial aid for American Master’s students in the UK, offering support for up to two years, with the potential for a third-year extension in certain cases.

These scholarships are fiercely competitive and are open for postgraduate studies in any discipline at any British university.

Established in 1953 by the British government and named after General George C.

Marshall, the Marshall Scholarship honors the architect of the Marshall Plan, which provided economic aid from the USA to Europe in the aftermath of World War II.

Over the decades, more than 2,000 American students have pursued university education in the UK with the support of a Marshall Scholarship.

This distinguished group includes two U.S. Supreme Court Justices, 14 MacArthur Genius Grant recipients, six Pulitzer Prize winners, and one Nobel Prize laureate, showcasing the prestige associated with the Marshall scheme.

Currently, the Marshall Scholarship program offers up to 50 scholarships annually, providing successful applicants with the following financial benefits:

1. Personal allowance

2. Travel to and from the UK

3. Tuition fees payment

4. Grants towards books, as well as your thesis and research expenses

5. Daily travel allowance

In total, the financial value of a Marshall Scholarship is around £38,000 per year (USD $49,945).


Who is Eligible for a Marshall Scholarship?

To meet the eligibility requirements for a Marshall Scholarship, you must:

1. Be a citizen of the United States.

2. Have completed a four-year undergraduate degree from a recognized university in the USA before commencing the scholarship.

3. Maintain a GPA of 3.7 during your undergraduate degree.

4. Be a recent graduate, having completed your degree no earlier than three and a half years before starting the scholarship (for example, April 2021 for applicants in September 2024).

5. Not have previously pursued studies in the UK, whether at the university level or for secondary education.

Course Eligibility for Marshall Scholarships

In broad terms, Marshall Scholarships apply to a wide range of Master’s and PhD programs at UK universities. Nevertheless, there are specific cases where courses do not qualify for funding. These exceptions include:

1. Postgraduate Diplomas and Postgraduate Certificates

2. Distance learning courses

3. MBAs

4. Courses that begin in January

5. Courses that involve an international placement

How to Apply

Marshall Scholarship applications typically commence in June, and the submission deadline is typically at the end of September.

To apply, you must submit your application through one of eight regional centers in the USA, based on the location of your studies and your permanent home address.

1. Atlanta

2. Boston

3. Chicago

4. Houston

5. Los Angeles

6. New York

7. San Francisco

8. Washington DC

After finishing your application, it must receive endorsement from your undergraduate university or, in specific cases, your graduate school.

As a component of your application, you are required to submit the following brief essays:

1. Personal statement

2. Statement about your proposed study plans

3. Statement about your post-scholarship plans

4. Leadership statement

5. Ambassador potential statement

6. You’ll also submit several other documents:

7. Academic transcripts

8. CV

9. Three letters of recommendation (one primary academic, one general academic, and one that focuses on your leadership skills)


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