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A letter of recommendation for scholarship will give you an advantage, depending on how you are able to craft it. Is it better? Will it be considered? To a great extent, that depends on you. As you read on, we will be showing what a letter of recommendation is and how to write one effectively.

Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship

Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship

A letter of recommendation emphasizes an individual’s personal attributes and dedication to work, potentially boosting their application.

Whether seeking entry into an academic or professional program, students can leverage such letters to support their candidacy.

Typically, the letter is authored by someone who has had regular professional or academic interactions with the person.

It serves as a valuable reference for employers or universities, offering an assessment of the applicant’s qualities, skills, strengths, goals, and achievements.


Important Note on Reference Letter

1. Only provide a letter of reference for a student whose qualifications you are familiar with and can discuss in person.

2. Collect submission details, including the recipient’s name, email address, and deadline.

3. Ask for a recent résumé and details about the position for which they need a reference.

4. Highlight specific instances of the student’s relevant abilities, experiences, and attributes.

How to Write a Recommendation Letter for a Student

Below are the basic elements or requirements to include in a student’s recommendation letter:

1. Contact Information

Include your contact information and the recipient’s address at the beginning of the letter if it is being professionally printed.

2. Greeting

If you are writing a personal recommendation letter, start your letter with a salutation (Dear Ms. Jones, or Dear Dr. Smith, for example).

3. Introduction

Describe your reasons for writing and your relationship—including how long you have known the person you are endorsing—with them.

4. The Purpose of Your Writing

Provide background information about the person you are writing about, highlighting their accomplishments and areas of strength.

It’s acceptable to include additional details about the student’s work and academic achievement in one paragraph.
Mentioning your interactions with the students and offering instances of their accomplishments is a clever way to highlight one’s qualifications.

5. Summary

Provide a brief justification for your support of the person. Say something like “recommend without hesitation” or anything similar to express how strongly you believe in the person.

6. Conclusion

Provide the reader with a way to contact you (phone, email, etc.) for a follow-up conversation and offer to send more information.

7. Letter Closing

Put your name and title at the end of the letter, along with a professional letter ending. Put your signature beneath your typed name if you are mailing a printed letter:


Signature (for hard copy letter)

Your Name

8. Email Recommendation Closing

If you’re sending an email, include your contact information in your signature:

Your Name



Tips on How to Write a Letter of Reference For University Students

Below are the tips on how to write a letter of recommendation for university students:

1. Inquire about the Student’s Academic History

Given how many students you likely have, it’s possible that you don’t always remember specifics about each one. It’s a good idea to ask the student for any relevant information before you start writing.

2. Include the School Name and Program in Your Address Correctly

It is common for students to apply to many programs at once. Take note of the names when you create the recommendation letter.

3. Tailor the Letter of Recommendation for the Programme

Before writing the recommendation letter, review the program’s webpage and make sure to emphasize the student’s strongest points.


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