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If are you seeking admission to LASU, then you have to consider the LASU Courses. Maybe you can then choose from there, the course that interests you. As you read through, we will be showing you some of the courses to help you make the right choice.

LASU Courses

About LASU

Lagos State University is a publicly-owned institution operated, funded, and sustained by the Lagos State government. Established in 1983, Lagos, being one of Nigeria’s most developed states, hosts this university.

The tuition fees at the university are affordable for the average Nigerian, and it maintains a non-religious affiliation, fostering cultural diversity by admitting candidates regardless of their cultural backgrounds.

Lagos State University provides a range of degree programs spanning Education, Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, and more. With a substantial student population, gaining admission is highly competitive.

The tuition fees at Lagos State University are below one hundred thousand naira. While the university lacks accommodation facilities, it boasts well-structured buildings and well-maintained roads.


LASU Courses & Programmes

1. Accountancy / Accounting

2. Agriculture

3. Arabic Studies

5. Banking and Finance

6. Biochemistry

7. Botany

8. Business Administration

9. Business Administration

10. Business Education

11. Chemical And Polymer Engineering

12. Chemistry

13. Computer Science

14. Curriculum Studies

15. Dentistry And Dental Surgery

16. Drama / Dramatic / Performing Arts

17. Early Childhood and Primary Education

18. Economics

19. Education Accounting

20. Education and Arabic

21. Education and Biology

22. Education and Chemistry

23. Education and Christian Religious Studies

24. Education and Computer Science

25. Education and Economics

26. Education and English Language

27. Education and French

28. Education and Geography

29. Education and History

30. Education and Islamic Studies

31. Education and Mathematics

32. Education and Physics

33. Education and Political Science

34. Education and Yoruba

35. Education, Language, and French

36. Educational Foundation

37. Educational Management

38. Electronics And Computer Engineering

39. English Language

40. Fisheries

41. French

42. Geography and Planning

43. Guidance and Counseling

44. Health Education

45. History and International Studies

46. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management

47. Insurance

48. Islamic Studies

49. Law

50. Local Government And Development Studies

51. Marketing

52. Mass Communication

53. Mathematics

54. Mechanical Engineering

55. Medicine and Surgery

56. Microbiology

57. Music

58. Nursing / Nursing Science

59. Pharmacology

60. Physical and Health Education

61. Physics

62. Physiology

63. Political Science

64. Portuguese / English

65. Psychology

66. Public Administration

67. Sociology

68. Teacher Education Science

69. Technological Management

70. Technology and Vocational Education

71. Transport Management Technology

72. Yoruba and Communication Arts

73. Zoology

74. Christian Religious Studies (CRS)

75. Peace Studies

76. Aeronautic and Astronautic Engineering

77. Fine and Applied Arts


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