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Absolutely, getting your hands on the KLWB Scholarship is totally doable, especially with the right guidance. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what we’ve got lined up for you as you scroll through.

KLWB Scholarship

We’re here to spill all the beans, giving you the lowdown on everything you need to know about snagging this scholarship. Ready for the inside scoop? Let’s dive in!

About KLWB Scholarship

The Karnataka Labour Welfare Fund is all about boosting the well-being of contributing employees, and it’s rooted in the Karnataka Labour Wellbeing Act of 1965. This isn’t just paperwork; they’re rolling out programs to actually make a difference.

One cool initiative is their scholarship scheme, particularly for the kids of workers in Karnataka. If you’re in the education game, here’s the scoop: families looking to hook up their kids with educational scholarships can throw their hat in the ring through the Karnataka Welfare Board Education Society.

How do you get in on this? Head over to the organization’s official webpage and hit them up with your application. Now, they’ve got some ground rules – in the General Category, you’re shooting for minimum merit of 50%, and if you’re in the SC/ST category, 45% is the magic number.

Oh, and here’s a nugget for the engineering enthusiasts – if you’re in that game, you could be looking at financial support of up to Rs. 10,000 through this program. Now that’s a win-win for education!


Eligibility Criteria

Hold on, not every student in Karnataka gets a shot at this scholarship. There’s a bit of a checklist, and you gotta meet the Department of Labor’s eligibility criteria. Here’s the lowdown:

First off, you’ve got to call Karnataka home sweet home – permanent residency in the cards. Now, this scholarship isn’t for everyone; it’s tailor-made for the kids of those labor welfare workers who are dutifully shelling out their taxes.

When it comes to grades, the General Applicants need to hit the books and score a minimum of 50%. Meanwhile, if you fall into the “Other Applicants” category, you’re in good shape with anything above 40%.

Oh, and there’s a timeline to this – you should either have aced your education or be in the current student hustle, rocking it in a recognized institution. So, that’s the scoop on getting your foot in the door for this scholarship ride.

Scholarship Amount

  • Engineering/ Medical – Rs.10000
  • Degree Course – Rs 5000
  • PUC/ITI – Rs 4000
  • Post-Graduation Course – Rs 6000
  • High Schooling [8th to 10th] – Rs 3000

How to Apply

Once you’ve crossed the registration hurdle, the next pit stop is grabbing that application form for the Karnataka Labour Welfare Board Scholarship 2023. Here’s the step-by-step guide for the online application hustle:

  • Head over to the official Karnataka Labour Welfare Board website at https://klwbapps.karnataka.gov.in/.
  • Boom! The homepage is right there in front of you.
  • Hit up ‘Student Login’ – it’s your gateway to the action.
  • Drop in your Username and Password.
  • Hit ‘Student Login’ again – just to make it official.
  • Time to work your magic on the Application Form. Get that info in there!
  • Don’t forget to upload the necessary documents – that’s your ticket in.

And here’s a pro tip: make sure to stash a physical copy of the application somewhere safe. Future you will thank you.


Now, a little backstory on the Karnataka Labour Welfare Board (KLWB). These folks are the real deal in Karnataka, wearing the government hat and all. Their mission?

Boosting the quality of life for the hardworking laborers and their families. They’ve got their fingers in various pies, from education and healthcare to skill enhancement – all in the name of making life better for the workforce. Cheers to that!

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