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The JAMB Syllabus for CRS is an official document or resource that provides comprehensive guidance and information on the subjects or areas you are expected to cover in your UTME.

JAMB Syllabus for CRS

It is very likely that this syllabus will be used as the UTME for 2024. These subjects or areas will be the source of the questions you will be asked to answer on exam day.


The Aims of JAMB Syllabus for CRS

Preparing candidates for the Board examination is the goal of the Christian Religious Studies Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) syllabus. It is intended to assess students’ mastery of the course objectives, which include: 

1. Gaining knowledge and comprehension of the Christian faith as it is revealed in the Bible

2. Interpreting biblical themes and teachings

3. Applying biblical themes and teachings to daily life in society;

The syllabus is broken down into the following four sections:

SECTION A: Themes from creation to the Division of the Kingdom

SECTION B: Themes from the Division of the Kingdom to the Return from Exile and the Prophets

SECTION C: Themes from the four Gospels and Acts of the Apostles

SECTION D: Themes from selected Epistle

The following are some advantages of having the JAMB Christian Religious Studies (CRS) syllabus:

Having a copy of the Christian Religious Studies (CRS) syllabus will help you identify the subjects you need to study.

You will learn what is expected of you in relation to each topic.

The list of Christian Religious Studies (CRS) books—including their titles, authors, and editions—is also included in the section on suggested texts.


Download Jamb Syllabus For CRS Pdf

Click on the link to download the Jamb Syllabus For CRS in pdf format.

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