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JAMB Reprint Slip: The 2023 JAMB registration period is now closed, and the exam date is getting closer every day. 

JAMB Reprint Slip

To avoid losing your balance in the middle of the exam, it is crucial that you prepare yourself in advance. The JAMB Slip Reprint is the current step in the 2023 JAMB exam preparation process.

JAMB Reprint Slip 2023: Steps to Follow

You can now retrieve and reprint your JAMB examination slip using a variety of methods. We are going to give you three options and a thorough, step-by-step process right now.

Option1: JAMB SLIP Reprint 2023 from JAMB portal

  • Go to portal.jamb.gov.ng to access the official JAMB portal (direct link at the bottom)
  • In the designated column, enter your registration number, email address, or GSM number (the email address or GSM number you used for registration should be the one you use).
  • When you choose “Print Examination Slip,” your slip will appear on the computer screen.
  • Click on “allow popup for www.jamb.org.ng” if your system prompts you to “allow popup of this site from your browser.” After that, a new tab will instantly open with your slip on it.
  • Print on a clean sheet of paper straight from the printer.


Option 2: JAMB Slip Reprint 2023 from your Email

  • You have to have gotten a confirmation email from JAMB. Typically, this email includes a file in PDF format that is saved with your “JAMB registration number.”
  • To find such emails in your inbox, first log into your email account (be careful to check all folders, including the “spam” folder).
  • Once the file has been located, download it to your computer or mobile device to enable offline access.
  • To obtain a reprint whenever you want, connect your device to any available printer.
  • Remember that since you currently have the softcopy (PDF) of the JAMB slip with you, not having a personal printer should not be an issue. 
  • To print your JAMB slip, go to any computer business center or cybercafé (with or without an internet connection).

Option 3: JAMB Slip Reprint from your JAMB Profile

  • Visit jamb.gov.ng to build your profile on Jamb Profile.
  • Navigate to the “E-facility” site menu, click it, and the page will open.
  • To gain access, select “UTME 2023 Main Examination Slip” or “Create e-Facility Account/Log in” on the following page.
  • To proceed, simply enter your registration number, email address, or GSM number in the designated column and adhere to the instructions in “Option 1” above.
  • If it’s feasible, we suggest that you print your slip in color.

Things Not to Bring Into the Examination Hall

Jamb has stated unequivocally that candidates bringing foreign materials inside the venue will not be permitted. They are adamant about eliminating exam fraud.

  • Never enter the exam room with your phone, wallet, watch, calculator, biro, or other items.
  • Please don’t bring jewelry, etc.
  • Bring no glasses unless advised by a physician.
  • Arrive without an ATM card.
  • Do not include earbuds.
  • Include no key holder.
  • It is forbidden to use USB devices, CD plates, and other comparable items.
  • No devices with cameras or recorders are permitted.

Make sure you have your exam date, time, and center on your jamb-reprinted slip as you enter the venue. We assume that you have already photocopied your jamb-reprinted slip by now. If not, kindly take urgent action.

Remember that you have to provide your thumbprint before you can enter the exam room. This will stop people who aren’t supposed to be there from entering.

The subjects you will take are the same as those that appear or show up on your reissued JAMB slip.

How Much Will it Cost You to Reprint Your Jamb Slip

Reprinting your jamb slip is free of charge; however, the person who does it for you will only receive a small payment—no more than $100—from you.

Depending on how many copies you want to create, you can spend an extra 10 naira if you want to make photocopies of them, which is what we recommend doing.

What comes next, one may wonder? A day prior to the exam, you should find the location promptly and make sure you arrive as early as possible, regardless of the exam time.


What Will the Jamb Reprint Slip contain

Nearly all of the information concerning your exam and even you (your data) will be on the slip. It will include:

1. Your jamb exam date

2. Your examination center

3. The time allotted for you to complete your exam

4.  Your personal information, such as your phone number, email address, name, jamb registration number, etc.

5. A few fundamental basic laws and guidelines that you should be aware of

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