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You can open an account online with most banks; this is why we are presenting to you how to open Access bank account online. As you read through, we will show you the step-by-step procedure on how to go about it.

How to Open Access Bank Account Online

In contemporary times, there’s no need to physically visit a bank branch to initiate a bank account in Nigeria.

You can conveniently open an account from anywhere using your mobile phone or any device connected to the internet.

Access Bank Plc is a Nigerian commercial bank that is part of the Access Bank Group, a financial conglomerate present in over six African countries and the UK. The bank’s headquarters are located in Lagos, Nigeria.

Typically, you can establish an Access Bank account by getting in touch with the Access Bank contact center, accessing their official website, or visiting one of their physical branches. However, one of the swiftest methods to open an Access Bank account is by utilizing their website or the USSD code.


How to Open Access Bank Account Online

You have the option to initiate the process of opening an Access Bank account online in Nigeria through either the Access Bank account opening web page or the Access Bank mobile app.

To establish an Access Bank account using the website, simply navigate to the Access Bank account opening page and furnish the requisite information.

To open an Access Bank account online via the Access Bank mobile app, adhere to these steps:

1. If the Access Bank mobile app is not already on your smartphone, download it from the Google Play Store or Apple Store by searching for “Access Bank PLC” and installing the app.

2. Once the app is successfully installed, launch it and select “Register.”

3. Input your mobile phone number and proceed by clicking “Continue.”

4. A verification code will be promptly sent to your phone via SMS.

5. Enter the verification code into the app.

6. Choose either a “Savings Account” or your preferred account type.

7. Enter your first name and last name, along with your date of birth.

8. Show your gender and move on to the next step.

9. Provide your mobile number and a valid email address.

10. Enter your National ID number (any government-issued ID will suffice).

11. Select your city of residence and continue.

12. Input the name of your “Next of Kin” along with their phone number and your relationship to them.

13. Choose your desired Access Bank branch (located conveniently near you).

14. Lastly, click on “Create Account” to finalize your Access Bank account opening process.

Account Opening Requirements

These are the prerequisites you will need to fulfill for the online opening of a savings account with Access Bank:

1. Mobile phone number

2. Phone Number of your Next of kin

3. Active internet connection

4. Smartphone

5. Access the mobile bank app

6. Email address

7. Address

8. Next of kin

Using Phone & Code

You can alternatively initiate the process of opening an Access Bank account using a USSD Code. This approach is highly convenient as it doesn’t necessitate an internet connection to function.

All that’s required for this Access Bank account opening method is a functional mobile phone and a working SIM card.

Here’s the procedure for opening an Access Bank account via the USSD code:

1. Dial the Access Bank account opening code 9010# on your phone and adhere to the prompts displayed on the screen.

2. Subsequently, you’ll be prompted to provide your first name and last name, which you can send.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to finalize your registration. Some of the details you’ll need to provide include a valid email address, phone number, date of birth, home address, and BVN.

4. Upon completing these steps, your Access Bank account number will be immediately sent to you via SMS.

5. Additionally, you can choose to visit any Access Bank branch at your convenience to update and validate your information.


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