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How to get BVN number without going to bank can help you in those situations that you would call a lifesaver. This is possible, though most people don’t know how to go about it. As you read through, we will be showing you how to go about it without any stress whatsoever.

How to Get BVN Number without Going to Bank


How to Get BVN Number Without Going to Bank

Enrolling in BVN may initially seem like a hassle, but it’s crucial to understand that this initiative is highly beneficial. As time goes on, its significance will become clear.

On the 14th of February, the Central Bank of Nigeria, in collaboration with all Nigerian banks, introduced a centralized biometric identification system known as the bank verification number (BVN).

With the BVN query service, obtaining your BVN has become effortless, requiring no bank visits or internet access.

If your BVN is successfully linked to your bank account and you need to retrieve it without visiting the bank, the process is straightforward.

Simply dial *565*0# using the mobile number you registered with your bank for BVN, and your BVN will be displayed on your device. If your BVN is not linked, dialing the code won’t be necessary.

For those who haven’t registered for BVN, here are the steps:

1. Visit the nearest bank branch.

2. Approach the customer care service unit and request a BVN.

3. Fill out a form accurately based on the requirements.

4. Submit the form to them.

5. Be available for data capture, which includes capturing your fingerprint, facial image, and signature.

6. You will receive an acknowledgment slip with a transaction ID.

7. Within 24 hours, you will receive an SMS containing your bank verification number.

8. Once you receive the SMS, make sure to link the BVN to your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a Person Have Two Bank Verification Numbers?

As an individual, you are allowed to have only one BVN. This unique BVN will be linked to all the multiple bank accounts you hold.

2. How Many Times Can BVN Be Done?

BVN registration is a one-time procedure, but it has a validity of 10 years. After the 10-year period, you will need to go through the same process again for renewal.

3. What is the Age Limit for Getting a BVN?

To obtain a Bank Verification Number, you must be at least 18 years old.

4. Can I Change the Name on My BVN?

Certainly, it is possible to update the name on your bank verification number but ensure that it matches the name on your ID card to prevent any unnecessary complications.

In order to change the name on your BVN, you will need to present the court with a suitable ID.

5. What is the Importance of the Bank Verification Number?

The bank verification number plays a vital role in enhancing banking operations for account holders. It serves to minimize unauthorized transactions within the account, bolster the security of inter-bank transfers, and provide protection for customers with both single and multiple bank accounts.

Furthermore, it effectively reduces the occurrence of scams, fraud, and impersonation.

BVN is a mandatory requirement for all bank account holders; without it, you will not have access to conduct transactions in your account.

Obtaining a BVN is a straightforward process. Just visit your bank, approach the customer care unit, and request a BVN form. Complete the form accurately and submit it as instructed. Within 24 hours, your bank verification number will be ready for use.

Alternatively, you can dial 5650# to retrieve your BVN without the need to visit the bank, making the process hassle-free.


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