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How to generate Zenith Bank token using USSD can come in handy in some situations. You can do this and this is why as you read through, you will be exposed to how you can go about it.

How to Generate Zenith Bank Token Using USSD

How to Generate Zenith Bank Token Using USSD

The Zenith Bank token serves as an additional security measure, allowing Zenith Bank customers to verify their identity and access their accounts securely.

This token creates an exclusive code by default, which is employed in conjunction with the customer’s online banking login details to enter their account and conduct a variety of actions including:

1. Initiating fund transfers

2. Making bill payments, and so on.

The token introduces an extra layer of protection to online banking operations. Nevertheless, the distinct code generated by the token can only be utilized once in a transaction cycle.

The token can exist either in a physical hardware form or as software, based on your transactional preference. If you choose the hardware token, a visit to the bank is required to complete an application form.


How to Register and Start Using the Zenith Bank Token

To begin utilizing the token, you can initiate access by:

1. Downloading and installing the Zenith Bank eToken application on your device.

2. Activating the application to commence usage.

3. If preferred, you can also visit the nearest Zenith Bank branch to obtain a hardware token.

4. Activate the token as part of the process.

Another way you can do this is:

1. Pay a visit to your nearest Zenith Bank branch or reach out to the bank’s customer service to make a token request.

2. After obtaining the token, log in to your Zenith Bank online banking account or use the mobile app.

3. Navigate to the “Settings” or “Token” segment within your account.

4. Proceed with the instructions to initiate your token, which could entail entering the token’s identification number and a personal PIN.

5. Once the activation procedure is concluded, you can employ your token to verify transactions and access secure data within your account.

Please be aware that the specific steps for token activation might differ depending on the type of token you possess. The provided steps above serve as general directives. Should you encounter any difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact Zenith Bank’s customer service for guidance.

How to Generate a Zenith Bank Token?

As a proactive account holder at Zenith Bank who also engages in Internet banking, you should follow these steps:

1. Access your Zenith Bank internet banking account.

2. Proceed to the “Token” segment and opt for “Generate token.”

3. Authenticate your request by inputting your Internet banking Username and Password.

4. An exclusive code will be automatically generated and exhibited on your screen.

How to Reset the Token PIN

If you intend to reset your token PIN, please adhere to the subsequent instructions:

1. Dial Zenith direct at 234-2787000, and opt for choice “4” to connect with a customer service representative who can provide help.

2. Alternatively, you can send an email to zenithdirect@zenithbank.com. Ensure that you dispatch this email from a registered email address.

What is a Hardware Token for Internet Banking?

A physical hardware token serves as a tangible tool employed to ensure secure access to Internet banking services. It produces one-time passwords (OTPs) which are mandatory for verifying transactions or gaining entry to safeguarded data within an online banking account.

These OTPs, generated by the hardware token, usually have a limited validity period and are designed to add an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized entry into the user’s online banking account.

Hardware tokens manifest in diverse formats, encompassing key fobs and smartcards. Certain tokens can be affixed to a keychain or carried within a wallet, promoting portability and user convenience.

Typically dispensed by financial institutions or online banking service providers, they function in conjunction with a username and password to offer multi-factor authentication for online banking transactions.

Using USSD?

To acquire a Zenith Bank token through USSD, adhere to the ensuing guidelines:

1. Dial *966# on your mobile device.

2. Choose “Token” from the menu choices.

3. Input your Zenith Bank account number.

4. Follow the provided instructions to finalize the procedure.

Upon successful completion of the process, a one-time token will be dispatched to your mobile phone. This token can be utilized for validating transactions related to your Zenith Bank account.

Keep in mind that to utilize the USSD service, you must have a registered mobile number with Zenith Bank.

The Zenith Bank token functions as a tool to produce distinctive security codes, ensuring secure transactions within the bank’s system.

Activating the token entails the procedure of enrolling and associating it with the user’s bank account.

This can be accomplished by visiting the bank physically or via the bank’s mobile app.

Following activation, the user gains the ability to utilize the generated security codes for online transactions and other security measures within the bank’s platform.


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