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How to Check GCE Result: The test results for the second series of the 2023 West Africa Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination for private applicants (WAEC GCE) have been made public by the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC).

How to Check GCE Result

How to Check WAEC GCE Result

The WAEC official result-checking website now hosts the 2023 WAEC GCE Result for the second series examination, which has been successfully uploaded online.

  • Go to www.waecdirect.org to access the WAEC result-checking portal.
  • Your 10-digit WAEC Examination Number should appear.  (For example, 4123456789 is your 3-digit candidate number, and this is your 7-digit center number.)
  • Enter your examination year’s four numbers, for example, 2023.
  • Choose the exam type, such as private candidate result.
  • On the back of your scratch card, enter the card serial number.
  • On your scratch card, enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • After clicking Submit, watch for the results window to appear.

NOTE: The Smart Identity Card you used to perform the exam contains the result checker PIN and serial number required to view your results online.


What is WAEC Withheld Result? 

A portion of the results were suppressed due to multiple documented instances of improper examination practices. Put simply, it was stated that there was examination misconduct involving you or your center.

The report will be looked into by WAEC, and if the candidates or schools are found to be at fault, the results will be void. Their results will be made public if they are found not to be responsible.

When can we expect to see the withheld result? Not yet specified date! The Nigeria Examinations Committee (NEC) will convene next week to make decisions regarding malpractice cases resulting from that examination’s administration, among other matters.

How to Proceed If You Are Unable to Use Your Phone to Check Your Waec Result

There may be times when it’s difficult for you to get your results online or through SMS. This is the solution to the issue of not being able to use your phone to check your WAEC result. 

Just provide the information below to WAECsupport@fleettechltd.com for help and verification:

  • The error message you’re getting.
  • The exam type. 
  • Your examination number.
  • Exam year.


How to Check WAEC or WAEC GCE Result with Mobile Phone

You can use SMS on your mobile device to check your WAEC results as well. You will still need to purchase the Waec scratch card in order to achieve this. After obtaining the WAEC scratch card, take the actions listed below:

Using the following format, send an SMS: WAEC*EXAM NUMBER*SCRATCH CARD PIN*EXAM Year. Text message 32327.

For instance, enter WAEC*4250101001*123456789012*2007 without a space. An SMS will be sent to your phone with the outcome.

Only subscribers of MTN, GLO, and Airtel are eligible for this service. Using this service will deduct 30 naira from your credit. Please be aware that a scratch card is required in order to verify your WAEC results.

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