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How to check BVN on access bank can come in handy when you have an issue. This is why it is very important that you have this information at the tip of your fingers. As you read through, we will guide you on what to do to check BVN on your Access bank account.

How To Check BVN for Access Bank

How To Check BVN For Access Bank

Gone are the days when checking information about your bank account was a cumbersome process.

Imagine wanting to know your account balance, but having to visit your bank’s branch and fill out a deposit or withdrawal slip just to make an inquiry.

After that, you had to hand the slip to a teller who would process your request and give you a printed copy of your account balance.

Likewise, picture a scenario where you needed to review your transaction history or confirm if a specific transaction was completed.

In such a situation, you had no alternative but to visit your bank and have a conversation with a customer service representative.

They would manually access your account information and provide you with the necessary details.

In this post, I will primarily concentrate on the two most straightforward methods to check your BVN on Access Bank. These methods include:


How to check BVN for Access Bank Using Access Bank Code

This method offers great simplicity. To check your BVN on Access Bank, simply dial the official USSD code *5650# from the phone number linked to your Access Bank account.

However, before using this method, make sure you have activated the Access Bank USSD code on your phone.

Please note that using this method incurs a service fee of N20. Therefore, ensure you have at least N20 in your bank account before dialing the code. With that said, let’s proceed to the second method for checking your BVN.

How to Check the BVN Code for Access Bank Online

This presents another straightforward approach to checking your BVN. However, to utilize this method, it’s essential to ensure that you have already installed and activated the AccessMore app on your phone.

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the AccessMore app, follow these steps to check your BVN:

1. Log into the AccessMore app.

2. Click on the “Profile” option.

3. Then, select “Show Details.”

4. Your BVN will be displayed on the screen, along with the email address and phone number linked to your Access Bank account.

The advantage of this method is that you can use it without needing the phone number linked to your account, and there are no charges for checking your BVN using this approach.

So, there you have the two methods for checking BVN. However, keep in mind that there are other ways to check your BVN for Access Bank as well. Below are some of the alternative methods for checking BVN.

How to Check BVN for Access Bank Through WhatsApp Banking

Another option available is to use the Access Bank WhatsApp banking feature to check your BVN.

If you’re using this service for the first time, you will need to register, but the process is generally straightforward.

To begin, add the number 09090901901 to your contact list. Then, open WhatsApp and start a chat with the number you just saved. Proceed to request the BVN checking service.

Please keep in mind that Access Bank may require you to provide some account details to ensure they can send you the necessary information.

This sums up the procedure for checking your BVN for Access Bank through WhatsApp banking.

How to Check BVN for Access Bank Through SMS

Here’s another method you can use to check your BVN.

To check your BVN through an SMS, simply create a text message in the following format: (BVN, Your account number) and send it to the number 20121. For example, you would write BVN 0123456789 and send it to 20121 (20121 being the recipient of your message).

Please ensure that this message is sent from a phone number linked to your Access Bank account.

With these various methods, you can check your BVN for Access Bank without having to visit the bank. If you require more information, you can refer to the FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Get My BVN Number Without Going to the Bank?

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has introduced a new USSD code, 5650#, which allows you to retrieve your BVN even if you have forgotten your phone number or do not have access to it.

2. What is the Access Bank BVN code?

You can check the BVN on Access Bank using the USSD code 5650# on the phone number linked to your Access Bank account. After dialing the code, your BVN will be displayed on your phone screen.

3. How Can I Check My BVN Details Online?

To check your BVN online, you need to have registered and received your unique 11-digit BVN from your bank. Once you have your BVN, log in to your bank’s mobile app, click on the menu option, and you should find your BVN displayed there.

The location of the BVN in the app may vary depending on the specific banking app you use.

4. Can I See My BVN on My Mobile App?

Yes, you can view your BVN by logging into your bank’s mobile app and clicking on the menu bar. Your BVN should be displayed there for your reference.

That covers everything you need to know about how to check your BVN for Access Bank. If you need more information, you can refer to the short video provided below.


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