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How to check the account balance on Zenith Bank, can come in pretty handy. Especially if you do not wish to go to the bank. However, not everyone is familiar with this fact and as you read through, we will show you how to do it.

How to Check Account Balance on Zenith Bank

How to Check Account Balance on Zenith Bank

There are different ways that you can check your account balance on zenith bank, let’s take a look at each of them:

1. Using USSD Code

If your Zenith bank account is associated with your phone number, you can easily check your current account balance by dialing *966*00# on the linked mobile phone.

Just follow the instructions provided to retrieve your Zenith bank account balance.

In case the above method doesn’t work or your Zenith bank account is not currently linked to your mobile number, you have the option to register your mobile number for Zenith banking mobile banking’s USSD code.

To do this, simply dial *966# and follow the instructions for mobile number registration.


2. Using  Zenith Mobile App.

If you prefer not to use the USSD code method for checking your Zenith Bank account balance, an excellent alternative is to utilize the Zenith Mobile App for this purpose.

To get started, you must first download the Zenith Mobile App from either the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store.

Once the app is downloaded, log in using your Zenith Bank account credentials.

However, if you haven’t registered on the Zenith Mobile App before, you will need to do so using your Zenith bank internet banking details, provided you are a Zenith bank internet banking user.

3. Checking Your Account Balance on Zenith Bank Online

To access your Zenith bank account balance online, simply login to the Zenith internet banking portal. Once you are logged in, you can easily view your account balance on the account dashboard.

4. Checking Your Zenith Bank Account Balance without Pin

Regardless of whether you are checking your Zenith bank account balance through USSD Code, the online platform, or the Zenith bank mobile app, you will need to use a PIN (Password).

This measure is implemented for security purposes, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access your account balance.

However, when using the Zenith bank mobile app or Zenith bank Internet banking channel, you will only need your login details to check your Zenith bank account balance, and a separate PIN won’t be necessary in such cases.

5. Using SMS in Nigeria

When you use the Zenith Bank USSD code to check your account balance, the information will be delivered to you through SMS.

Checking your Zenith bank account balance via SMS is equivalent to using the USSD code method.

By utilizing the mobile banking USSD code, you will receive an SMS containing your balance, demonstrating how the Zenith SMS account checking system operates.

6. Checking Zenith Bank Account Balance with the ATM

Another method to check your Zenith Bank account balance is through a bank ATM, whether it’s a Zenith Bank ATM or an ATM of another bank. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Insert your Zenith Bank debit card into the ATM.
  • Enter your 4-digit Zenith Bank ATM PIN.
  • Select the “Balance Enquiry / Check Account Balance” option.
  • Your Zenith Bank Account Balance will be displayed on the ATM screen. If you wish to have a printed receipt of the account balance, you can select “Yes” to print out a receipt slip.


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