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How to block access bank account can come in handy when you have an issue. This is why is very important that you have this information at the tip of your fingers. As you read through, we will guide you on what to do to block your Access bank account.

How to Block Access Bank Account

How to Block Access Bank Account

The occurrence of fraudsters posing as bank representatives is increasing. Please be aware that Access Bank will never request your BVN, full card PAN, PIN, mobile app activation code, OTP, or password, as the bank already has access to this information through its database.

The Access Bank self-service option allows account holders to deactivate their accounts using an alternative phone number, giving them full control to block their accounts and safeguard their funds before officially reporting the matter to the bank.

When you choose to opt out, you will only be disabled from using the USSD Banking Service. You will still have access to your accounts through other platforms and channels, except for *901#.

On the other hand, selecting Block Account restricts access to the chosen account(s), making it impossible to access them through any channel or platform until the account is unlocked.

To prevent any risk to your money, immediate action should be taken. Recently, my best friend called me asking how he could block his Access Bank account/ATM card. In response, I decided to write this content to educate my readers on how they can easily block their Access Bank accounts.

Remember, never share your passwords, PIN, or any other important account information, such as your card number, with third parties.


How to Block Access Bank ATM Card/account

The Access Bank USSD code 901911# serves as a convenient solution that allows customers to take prompt action.

To deactivate or block an ATM card through the USSD profile, simply dial 901911# from any phone, input the registered phone number linked to the account you wish to blacklist, and your USSD profile will be automatically deactivated and blacklisted.

Here are the steps to follow in order to block your Access Bank account/ATM card using the USSD code:

1. Dial 901911# on any phone.

2. Select Option 2 for “Block Account.”

3. Choose between ‘Self’ or ‘Third party’ for others.

4. Enter the phone number associated with the account(s) you want to block.

5. Select the specific account you wish to block (you can choose one or all of them).

6. Enter your USSD PIN.

Once you complete the steps correctly, a successful request notification will be displayed on your phone screen, and your account(s) will be instantly blocked.

It’s important to note that to block an account, the account holder must confirm the request using their USSD PIN. This ensures that no one can initiate a block account request on behalf of a third party merely by knowing their phone number or account number.

How to Block Access Bank Without Registering for USSD Code

Your Access Bank USSD PIN is essential for validating any block account request. If you haven’t registered on *901# before, you will need to do so and create a 4-digit USSD PIN.

Follow these simple steps to register and create your PIN:

1. Dial *901#

2. Choose any service, for example, “transfer.”

3. Enter your Account number.

4. Input your Date of Birth in the format provided (DDMMYYYY).

5. Create your PIN, and then submit the details.

Block your Access bank using Mobile App

You also have the option to block your Access Bank ATM card or account through the Access Bank mobile app.

Follow these steps:

1. Launch the mobile app and sign in to your account.

2. Tap on “Cards and Cheques.”

3. Select “Manage Cards.”

4. Tap on “Block” and choose the specific account you want to block (if you have multiple accounts).

5. Enter your PIN or Token.

6. Confirm the action to block the card or account.

To block all your Access Bank accounts at once, including mobile USSD and online banking, choose the ‘block all accounts’ option from the menu. This will block all accounts associated with your registered mobile number.

How to Protect Your Access Bank Accounts From Fraudsters

1. Ensure each account has a unique password. It is crucial to understand the significance of having strong passwords.

2. Utilize two-factor authentication for added security.

3. Exercise caution when using public Wi-Fi. Refrain from performing sensitive financial transactions on unfamiliar networks or public Wi-Fi to mitigate potential risks. Avoid compromising your security for free internet access.

4. Keep your software updated and apply patches regularly to enhance security.

5. Install ad blockers to minimize exposure to potentially malicious advertisements.

6. Never disclose your mobile app activation code to anyone, whether over the phone, via SMS, email, or in person.

7. Refrain from sharing sensitive information such as card numbers, OTP, PIN, or passwords with anyone over the phone, via SMS, email, or in person.

8. Avoid responding to unsolicited phone calls, SMS, or emails requesting personal details or bank account information. Be cautious of revealing any personal information about yourself or your financial accounts to unknown entities.


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