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Google Africa Developer Scholarship is still open for a variety of applicants who would like to apply for the ongoing program. As you read through, we will guide you on what is needed and the information you need to be successful.

Google Africa Developer Scholarship

About Google Africa Developer Scholarship

For the third consecutive year, Grow with Google and Pluralsight have collaborated to present a program aimed at supporting software engineers in Africa.

This initiative offers assistance in three distinct roles: Associate Android Developer, Associate Cloud Engineer, and Associate Web Developer.

Past participants have not only contributed valuable projects to their communities but have also made significant strides in their professional journeys, with some achieving certification as Google developers and engineers.


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2024, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Possess the role of a software developer, regardless of your current status.

2. Reside in an African nation and be a minimum of 18 years old.

3. Demonstrate strong leadership and problem-solving skills.

Scholarship Advantages

1. Acquire valuable Google developer expertise through Pluralsight training crafted by industry experts.

2. Enhance your abilities to complete the Associate Android Developer Certification exam successfully.

3. Receive mentoring support from the GADS initiative and the Google Developer community.

Application Procedures

1. Prospective candidates need to fill out an onboarding survey to be eligible for the Scholarship 2023.

2. Once the onboarding survey is finished, applicants should proceed to complete the registration form. This involves watching any provided Pluralsight Skills videos or completing the “Associate Android Developer” Skill IQ.

3. The same process, involving an onboarding survey followed by a registration form, is applicable to Google Cloud applicants.

Google Africa Developer Scholarship Program Benefits

For Android

1. Acquire in-demand Google developer skills through Pluralsight training authored by experts.

2. Concentrate on enhancing your abilities in preparation for the Associate Android Developer Certification exam.

3. Utilize the GADS program and the Google Developers community for mentorship support.

Google Cloud

1. Acquire sought-after Google Cloud expertise through Pluralsight training authored by professionals.

2. According to the 2024 Google Cloud certification impact report, 70% of job candidates with a Google Cloud certification received at least one job offer, so prepare for the Associate Cloud Engineer Certification exam.

3. Develop advanced Cloud skills essential for advancing your IT career and gaining confidence to pursue new Cloud positions.

4. Access mentoring support from the Google Developer community and the GADS program.

5. There is a significant demand for Google developer skills among mobile webmasters, and Pluralsight content is expertly crafted.

6. Benefit from mentoring support available through the Google Developer community and the GADS program.


Requirements for Google Africa Developer Scholarship Qualification

To be eligible for the Google Africa Developer Scholarship program, applicants must be a minimum of 18 years old and reside in an African nation.

Due to enrollment restrictions, it is advisable to apply promptly to ensure inclusion.

Preference for advancement will be given to applicants based on target demographics, consumption of Pluralsight materials, and completion of the onboarding survey.

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