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If there is any scholarship you should get, it should be the Folds of Honor Scholarship as it covers a wide range of academic expenses and has lasted the test of time. To get it, you need information and intelligence and that is what we provide as you read on.

Folds of Honor Scholarship

Folds of Honor Scholarship

A genuine soldier doesn’t fight out of hatred for what’s in front of him but out of love for what’s behind him.

This scholarship, born from the desire to reciprocate that love, provides detailed information as you read to the end.

What started with a patriot witnessing the profound cost of freedom now touches the lives of numerous deserving families. Lt Col Rooney, through the Folds of Honor, has devoted his life to inspiring patriotic Americans and embracing sacrifice with optimism.

Since 2007, this scholarship has been extended to support the spouses and children of America’s disabled or deceased service members.

The mission now includes the families of American first responders, ensuring those who defend our freedoms, and their loved ones, know they are not forgotten while in service.


Scholarship Guidelines

1. The application period runs from February 1 to March 31 annually. If March 31 falls on a weekend, the deadline will be extended to the end of the first working day after March 31.

2. Scholarship awards range from $5,000 to $2,500 (with a $250 minimum payment) per term. If a recipient has an unmet need of less than $2,500 after receiving a check, Folds of Honor will only cover the actual unmet need, determined by the balance of their school account. The remaining funds will be retained by Folds of Honor for the student’s use during the same academic year.

  • Applicants must reapply each year to be considered for funds from Folds of Honor.
  • All application information must be submitted through the Folds of Honor online portal.
  • Documentation will not be accepted via US mail, fax, email, or over the phone.
  • Offer or denial notifications will be sent in mid-July. All funds are directly mailed to the educational institution; no funds are sent directly to awardees.
  • Annual Application Window: Feb 1 – Mar 31

Eligibility Requirements

The FOH First Responder Scholarships are available to the spouse and/or dependent(s) of a first responder who has fallen or experienced a catastrophic injury hindering them from fulfilling job-related duties.

Proof of relation to the first responder is required for application. For dependents, this includes:

1. Birth Certificate (with the first responder listed as a parent)

2. State-issued marriage Certificate (for step-children of a service member)

3. Legal adoption papers (for adopted children of the service member)

4. Legal guardianship document (for legal wards of the service member)

5. Spouses seeking funding must provide a State-Issued Marriage License.

A first responder spouse, if remarried, must furnish the deceased spouse’s state-issued death certificate. The spouse becomes ineligible upon legal separation or divorce from the first responder.”

Required First Responder Documents

Each applicant must present evidence of active-duty service with an organization as a first responder. Additional information is required based on classification:

1. Fallen First Responder – Must submit a state-issued death certificate.

2. Catastrophically Injured First Responders – Must provide one of the following:

  • Letter from the respective agency detailing the event resulting in the catastrophic injury, leading to the end of their career with the agency, OR
  • Certificate from a medical provider (e.g., primary care or attending physician) offering a medical explanation of the injury that prevents the first responder from continuing their occupational responsibilities, OR
  • Documentation indicating their long-term disability status, which has rendered them unable to fulfill their occupational responsibilities.

Scholarships Application Timetables

February 1st: Scholarship Application Window OPENS – 9:00 AM EST

Early submission allows time to provide additional; corrected information, if requested.

March 15th: have you completed; or submitted your application yet?

Submissions dated 3/18 or after will not be given additional time beyond 3/31 to provide additional/corrected information

March 31st: Scholarship Application Window CLOSES – 6:00 PM EST

July 15th: Scholarship Award Offer Notifications Emailed (TBD generally mid-July)

July 20th:  Scholarship Acceptance; Check-in 1 OPENS – shortly after award notifications are sent

August 31st: Scholarship Acceptance; Check-in 1 deadline


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