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Emerson College Acceptance Rate: Boston, Massachusetts is home to Emerson College, a nonprofit private university with a narrow focus on its programs. Every year, approximately 5,000 students are enrolled at Emerson College.

Emerson College Acceptance Rate

What is the Acceptance Rate for Emerson?

Emerson has a 45% acceptance rate and is selective in its admissions process. Pupils who are accepted to Emerson typically score between 1200 and 1400 on the SAT or between 28 and 32 on the ACT.

The deadline for Emerson’s regular admissions applications is January 17. Students who are interested can apply for early decision-making and early action. November 1 is the deadline for both early decision-making and early action.


Emerson College International Student Admissions

In addition to the standard requirements, which are the same for applicants from the United States, there are additional requirements for admission that must be met for international students.

Application Gateway: International applicants may use either the College Application or the Common Application.

Application Cost: Not Charged

Admission Requirements for International Students

  • Official transcripts from every school you have ever attended.
  • If the transcripts are in a regional language, translations into English must be sent.
  • Report from school
  • It is mandatory for international students to submit their results from English proficiency tests.
  • Exam results to be studied in the United States of America
  • US mission statement
  • Verification of Financials.
  • A passport copy.
  • Recommendation letters for US academic study

Additionally, there are a number of department-specific requirements, such as portfolios or interviews.

What are the Application Fees and Waivers at Emerson College?

For its graduate programs, Emerson College offers potential applicants the chance to request waivers of the application fee. Candidates can apply for a waiver by contacting the Graduate Admission staff or filling out a form that is available on the college’s website.

It is significant to remember that the on-campus Communication Disorders (MS) program is not covered by the waiver. To learn more about fee waivers for the online Communication Disorders program, interested parties should visit the Speech@Emerson website.

Application deadlines vary by program, so candidates should carefully check the deadlines for the program they want to apply to before submitting their work.

The Emerson College Graduate Program Admissions Team is happy to answer any questions you may have about the application procedure.

What are the Requirements for Transfer Students at Emerson College?

There are particular requirements that Emerson College has for students who wish to transfer from another college. After earning a high school diploma or GED, a person must have attended another college full-time or part-time for at least three courses, totaling at least nine college credits, in order to be eligible to transfer.

First-year applicants are those who have completed eight or fewer college credits after high school, and those who have completed college credits prior to high school graduation are also considered first-year applicants.

Official transcripts from every college and university previously attended, attesting to the completion of a minimum of 15 college credits, are required of transfer applicants. However, there are specific credit requirements for some programs at Emerson College.

For instance, applicants with 32 or fewer credits are only accepted into the Comedic Arts program, but those with 48 or fewer credits are accepted into the IDS program.


Emerson College Tuition and Financial Aids

Around $52, 190 is the price that each student attending Emerson College must budget for. The target tuition cost for this institution is intended to be higher than the national average, which is approximately $41,281.

The statistics that follow will include sticker prices, which are essentially fees and tuition. University health centers, student centers, student exercise facilities, and library services are among the other amenities that are included in the fees, which differ for each university.

When attempting to compare the costs of different institutions, be sure to include the net price in addition to the entire cost.

The sticker price, books, supplies, lodging and board, personal expenses, and transportation are all included in the total cost. Studying at Emerson College will set you back about $75,336 total.

The average cost of attending the university after financial aid and scholarships are deducted from the total will be known as the net price. The amount for a need-based student will be $51,888.

It’s crucial to concentrate on Emerson College’s tuition and fees since doing so will enable you to prepare a budget in advance. It is always advised to apply for the newest scholarship and financial aid programs available, as they are made to help you save a significant amount of money.

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