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Are you interested in the Dell Scholarship Program? Then you are at the right place. As you read on, we will be showing you everything that you need to know regarding the Dell scholarship that will give you an advantage.

Dell Scholarship

About Dell Scholarship

Every year, Dell Scholars selects 500 new students who demonstrate brightness, ambition, and a strong work ethic, all motivated to seize the opportunities offered by a college education.

The Dell Scholars program serves as a comprehensive support system throughout the college journey, ensuring students stay on course to graduation.

In addition to a $20,000 scholarship, Dell Scholars receive non-monetary assistance to tackle academic challenges, enhance financial literacy, and navigate personal circumstances affecting their college experience.

An impressive 80% of Dell Scholars earn a bachelor’s degree within six years, a rate double the national average among their peers.

Recognized as a successful model for supporting the college success of Pell-eligible students, the Dell Scholars program has inspired initiatives like UT for Me – Powered by Dell Scholars, a partnership between the University of Texas at Austin and the foundation.

This collaboration aims to narrow the gap in college graduation rates across different income levels.

Since its inception in 2004, the program has supported over 6,800 students nationwide. By providing timely and effective support, more students can persist through college and achieve their higher education aspirations.


Eligibility Requirement

Here are the eligibility criteria for this scholarship:

1. Minimum GPA of 2.5

2. Must identify as Black, non-Hispanic

3. Open to students pursuing a four-year college education

4. Must identify as American Indian/Alaska Native

5. Must identify as Asian/Pacific Islander

6. Currently enrolled in high school

7. Must identify as Hispanic or Latino/a

Application Requirements

1. Submission of the required application form

2. Completion of a financial need analysis.

How to Apply

You Apply by filling out the form on their official website.


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