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Cut Off Mark for Medicine and Surgery: The recently approved JAMB cut off mark for medicine and surgery is discussed in this blog post. For students wishing to enroll in any university in Nigeria for the 2024 academic year. 

Cut Off Mark for Medicine and Surgery

One of the main prerequisites for being eligible to study at any Nigerian university is reaching the necessary Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) cut-off point. Particularly if you’re interested in studying medicine and surgery, a very competitive course.

Please be aware that admission to the Medicine and Surgery program is contingent upon both financial readiness and academic stability.

In order to successfully complete the course, you must have a strong financial safety net to avoid finding it difficult to meet the requirements of the curriculum.

JAMB Cut Off Mark for Medicine and Surgery

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) management has set a cut off mark of 280 for Medicine and Surgery. Consequently, you stand a very good chance of being admitted to any university in Nigeria. To study medicine and surgery if your score is 280 or higher.

It is important to remember that getting accepted into the medical and surgical departments of any Nigerian university that offers the program is not a simple task. Any Nigerian university that offers medicine or surgery has fierce competition.

In Nigeria, a course in medicine and surgery is highly sought after. According to a report, only roughly 3,000 of the over 30,000 students who apply to study medicine and surgery at universities each year are accepted into the thirty-seven (37) universities that offer the program.

Also, you must receive extremely high Jamb scores to increase your chances of being admitted into any university in Nigeria to study medicine and surgery.

Furthermore, you will not be able to be admitted to the course to study Medicine and Surgery if your score is below the necessary cutoff.


Importance of a High JAMB Score

For a number of reasons, a high JAMB score is necessary:

  • It raises your chances of getting accepted into the university of your choice.
  • It makes you stand out from the other applicants vying for the few available spots in competitive programs like surgery and medicine.
  • You may be eligible for financial assistance and scholarships with a high JAMB score.
  • Therefore, concentrating on getting a high JAMB score will greatly increase your chances of effectively pursuing the course you want to take.

Factors Affecting JAMB Cut Off Mark

The JAMB Cut Off Mark for Medicine and Surgery varies amongst universities due to a number of factors:

  • The quantity of candidates: The JAMB Cut Off Mark may rise in response to an increase in applications for medical and surgical programs as colleges strive to accept only the most qualified applicants.
  • University reputation: To uphold their high standards and reputation, highly regarded universities frequently have higher JAMB Cut Off Marks.
  • Policies of the government: The catchment area system and other government policies may have an impact on the JAMB Cut Off Mark for Medicine and Surgery.

As a result, it is crucial to find out the precise JAMB Cut Off Mark for Medicine and Surgery at the university of your choice and to organize your study appropriately.

Advantages of studying medicine and surgery in universities with low cut off marks

There are various benefits to studying medicine at universities with low graduation rates. First, admission is possible for students who are truly passionate about medicine and surgery but have lower test scores.

This gives them the chance to follow their ideal career path, even though university education is very competitive.

Also, Interaction with a diverse group of students is an additional benefit. Students from various families and backgrounds come together to create a dynamic learning environment in universities with lower cut off marks.

This diversity broadens perspectives, encourages cross-cultural interaction, and equips students to work in multicultural healthcare environments.



In conclusion, it is strongly advised to obtain a JAMB score of 280. Also higher in order to be admitted to any university in Nigeria to study medicine and surgery.

Therefore, Recall that your performance in the Post-UTME and O’level exams matters much as well. The JAMB Cut Off Mark is only the beginning.

By concentrating on obtaining a high JAMB score, you can raise your chances of successfully pursuing your desired course with commitment and hard work.

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