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Cut Off Mark for Medical Laboratory Science: This is to notify all applicants who are looking to be admitted to higher education institutions in Nigeria that the medical laboratory science JAMB cut-off mark for all Nigerian universities is now available.

Cut Off Mark For Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Science is one of the courses for which JAMB sets the cutoff score. It’s critical to understand the Medical Laboratory Science JAMB cut-off score prior to submitting an application for admission. 

The departmental cut-off for Medical Laboratory Science in 2024–2025, as well as the authorized JAMB cut-off mark, are provided in detail in this article.

JAMB Cut Off Mark for Medical Laboratory Technology / Science

The university’s Medical Laboratory Technology and Science JAMB general cutoff score is 160. This indicates that 160 is the minimal score required to study Medical Laboratory Technology or Science at any university.

It is important to acknowledge that this is merely a minimum cut off mark for universities and not a set cut off point that JAMB enforces for all universities.

Therefore, applicants wishing to study Medical Laboratory Technology or Science at certain universities with JAMB cutoff points higher than the one stated above will not be accepted with such scores.

To find out the exact cutoff point for studying Medical Laboratory Technology or Science at each school, scroll down this page to view the list of schools and their respective cutoff points. You can also look at universities that accept the 120–180 cutoff point.


Universities that Offer medical Laboratory Science in Nigeria

The universities in Nigeria that offer medical lab science are listed below. We’ll get to updating the material. along with a list of colleges that provide the course.

What do Medical Laboratory scientist Do?

Scientists who work in medical laboratories are essential to the medical field. For the purpose of diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases, they conduct a variety of laboratory tests on biological fluids, tissues, and cells.

To provide accurate information for patient care, these professionals work with other healthcare professionals, handle sophisticated equipment, analyze samples, interpret results, and so forth.



A strong JAMB and Post UTME score are among the requirements for admission to a Medical Laboratory Science program in Nigeria, but meeting these requirements does not ensure admission.

Other elements are also taken into account, such as fulfilling the O’level prerequisites and the program’s competitive nature.

A JAMB score of 250 or higher is advised in order to boost your chances of being accepted into a prestigious and competitive Medical Laboratory Science program.

Nevertheless, different universities have different requirements for the JAMB score needed to be admitted to a Medical Laboratory Science program.

Universities may require a JAMB score of 250 or higher, while some may accept a score of 200.

A JAMB score of 150 or higher may be accepted by private universities in Nigeria for admission to their Medical Laboratory Science program.

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