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CRF scholarship: A thorough fundraising effort is the College Relief Fund (CRF). It was created to make sure that young people would have long-term financial support. Furthermore, it gives all young people in Nigeria the chance to realize their aspirations of receiving a top-notch postsecondary education.

CRF Scholarship

Since the CRF’s founding in 2018, it has involved parties concerned with the educational improvement of Nigerian youth. We are grateful to have had success in 2019 by raising $245,000.00 to begin our first round of direct scholarships. 

These scholarships were given to deserving students in Nigeria’s higher education institutions. CRF is developing a reputation for effectively and efficiently carrying out its objective with the help of the money it receives.

Their mission is to give young Nigerians and families from impoverished backgrounds the information and tools they need to effectively complete higher education. And offer financial aid and other assistance based on needs of as many students as possible.

CRF scholarship Need-Based Financial Aid

One of the greatest and most efficient ways for students to be given the chance to realize their dreams of a quality and lasting education is through scholarships.

The scholarship recipients will receive a need-based endowment grant up to N500,000.00 to cover tuition, housing, and other costs. 

After a reevaluation of academic progress, changes in financial situation, and other characteristics as may be relevant to determine the awardee’s needs, the grant is anticipated to be awarded annually.

Students in Nigeria’s higher education institutions may now apply. Universities, Polytechnics/Monotechnics, and Colleges of Education are some of these.

Currently, more than 800 recipients from all over the nation are taking advantage of the scholarships on offer at various universities.

But keep in mind that all accounts on the portal created before August 9th have been deleted and must be created again. Users who have outdated accounts must Re-Register using their email addresses.

The method of activation is simple. Simply click the Activation Link in the given email inbox to get started.  If the mail is not in your Inbox, be sure to check your Spam folder and mark it as NOT SPAM.


Step by Step Guide for Successful Scholarship Application

The CRF Scholarship Application Process was created to be simple, quick, and direct. However, some users appear to have some difficulty implementing the dashboard’s instructions.

This message is intended for clarification. So kindly take the time to perform the Steps as described in this article.

1. Registration

In order to access all of the features of your dashboard, you must create a login and password here. If you haven’t already registered, go to the College Relief Fund LOGIN PAGE HERE. A link to activate your account will be sent to you, so be sure your email is functioning.

If you have already registered and have your username and password, you can skip this step. Make sure you are logged in in that case.

2. Login

You must be logged in in order to utilize the CRF Scholarship Application procedure to its best potential. By selecting LOGIN at the top of the page, you can log in. Enter your login and password after that.

Please use a different browser if the page keeps refreshing without allowing you to log in. If it continues, switch your device or data network.

The same holds true if you’re attempting to change your password. For a smoother experience, make sure to turn off “lite mode” in the Chrome browser.

There are three FLIP BOXES (ENROL, REFER, PRE-SELECTION) on your dashboard. You can learn more about the items mentioned above by clicking it. Take note that the Flip Boxes on mobile phones are placed one on top of the other.


3. Enrol

The most crucial step in your scholarship application process is this one. It will take around 5 minutes to finish.

You give your personal, academic, family, and expense information in this phase. This is crucial to finishing your application. Make sure to give accurate information because it will be checked.

4. Refer

Please feel free to suggest any of your friends or classmates who could be in need of an academic scholarship.

To entice applications, data or airtime may occasionally be offered. Winners of data or airtime are chosen at random from among all referrers.

5. Pre-Selection

Pre-Selection Flip Box controls are not under your control. It will continue to be orange in color. It will only alter if the status of your application does.

Your status could change to “Ineligible,” “Pre-Selected,” or “Wait-List.” If you are pre-selected, you will be asked to complete an aptitude test and provide supporting documentation. Additionally Free. 

Depending on availability, a “Wait List” item could eventually become a “Pre-Selected” item. It is advised that you frequently check your email and/or dashboard for updates.

  • Recall that applying for scholarships is completely free.
  • Also free are the aptitude test and document verification.
  • Make sure you adhere to all guidelines and give accurate information.
  • Make sure to regularly check your email and dashboard for changes.
  • Do not try to advance by lying, bribing, or cheating.

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