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Courses in NDA: The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) has four faculties and offers 19 courses in total. The faculties include those for the arts, social sciences, engineering, science, and cyber security.

Courses in NDA

Nigeria only has one military school, the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), which is situated in Kaduna.

The NDA’s objective is to create officers with a solid foundation of academic and military knowledge so they can add to it as Nigerian Armed Forces officers advance in the future.

Through military, academic, and character development, NDA seeks to provide each officer cadet with the ideals, knowledge, and abilities required to fulfill the duties of a military officer.


NDA Courses 2024 and Requirements

The Nigerian Defense Academy offers the following courses:

Competitive Courses

Above is a list of the NDA courses. However, it’s crucial to take into account the NDA competitive courses.


Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Admission Requirements

You must fulfill the following entrance requirements to enroll in any respectable program at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA):

Prior to considering any other options, pick NDA as your first and foremost institution.

to pass the SSCE or its equivalent with at least 5 credits in English and maths in no more than two sittings, both of which must be related to their chosen subject.

At the time of enrollment, you must be at least 17 years old and no older than 21.

You must have at least two pertinent supporting credits in the faculty of your choosing in addition to the mandatory credits, with the exception of the College of Engineering, where just one supporting credit is required.

The minimum height requirement for men and women is 1.50 meters.

Be a single individual who is not obligated or forced by law to support any children or other individuals.

Be morally upright and in good physical and medical condition.

Bring a local government-issued certificate of origin.

These are the prerequisite courses and prerequisites if you want to join the NDA.

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