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Canara Scholarship Portal: The University Grants Commission has chosen the Canara Bank scholarship portal to be the go-to agency for handing out UGC scholarships and fellowships. 

Canara Scholarship Portal

Canara Bank has come up with a top-notch system for dishing out scholarships, using direct bank transfers to get those funds straight to the students.

All of this is in line with the guidelines laid out by the University Grants Commission. They’ve got the whole process streamlined for efficient scholarship distribution.

Canara Portal Scholarship 2024 Registration Portal

Canara Bank has launched the Canara Bank Scholarship Portal, offering candidates the chance to secure a scholarship. Interested individuals can apply through an online application form

Subsequently, applicants are required to participate in an online exam to qualify for the scholarship. To be eligible, candidates must have a minimum of 55% marks in their exams. Successful candidates can receive up to Rs 50,000 as the Canara Scholar. 

To apply for the Canara Bank Scholarship, visit the official portal at scholarship.canarabank.in and complete the registration process online.


Canara Portal Scholarship 2024 Last Date

For those eager to apply for the Canara Bank Scholarship in 2024, mark your calendars because the application window kicks off in June of that year. 

However, don’t let time slip away because the last date to register is December 31, 2024. Make sure to submit your application before this deadline to ensure you don’t miss out on the scholarship benefits.

A crucial heads-up: take extra care when filling out the online application form, paying special attention to the required documents for the Canara Bank Scholarship Portal. Accurate documentation is key to a successful application. 

So, gather all the necessary paperwork and submit a thorough application to maximize your chances of securing the scholarship.

Documents Required For the Scholarship

Certainly, here’s a list of documents required for the Canara Bank Scholarship Portal:

  • Passport Size Photographs: Recent passport-sized photographs are typically needed for your application.
  • Identity Proof: Provide valid identity proof such as an Aadhar card, PAN card, or any other government-issued identification.
  • Bank Statement: Include a copy of your bank statement, which is often required for scholarship disbursement.
  • Mobile Number: Ensure you provide an active and reachable mobile number for communication purposes.
  • Email ID: A valid email address is crucial for correspondence related to your scholarship application.
  • Residential Address Certificate: Proof of your current residential address is usually required.
  • Permanent Address: Include documentation confirming your permanent address.
  • 10th Mark Sheet: Submit a copy of your 10th-grade mark sheet.
  • 12th Mark Sheet: Provide a copy of your 12th-grade mark sheet.

Canara Bank Scholarship 2024 Payment Status

Here are the steps for candidates to log in to Canara Scholar:

  • Go to the official portal of Canara Scholar: scholarship.canarabank.in.
  • Once on the homepage, locate and click on the “Login” option.
  • Fill in the required information, including your email, phone number, and password.
  • Click on the “Login” button to proceed.
  • Upon clicking, you will receive a notification via SMS containing an OTP (One-Time Password).
  • Verify your phone number by entering the OTP.
  • Following successful verification, you will be logged into Canara Scholar.

By following these steps, candidates should be able to easily log in to the Canara Scholar portal and access the necessary features or information related to the scholarship.



The Canara Bank scholarship portal extends its support through various schemes, benefiting eligible Indian residents. 

Moreover, postgraduate students with an inclination towards a research career can tap into the opportunities provided by the Canara Bank scholarship programs. 

These initiatives aim to empower and financially assist deserving individuals in pursuing their educational and research goals. 

If you fall into these categories, exploring the Canara Bank scholarship programs could open doors to valuable support for your academic journey.

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