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Byjus Scholarship Test: A national-level test called the Byjus National Aptitude Test, or BNAT, is designed to discover excellent pupils and provide them with benefits like scholarships. 

Byjus Scholarship Test

Byju’s Institute administers this test once a year. Students in grades 10 through 12 who have completed class 12 can sign up for Byju’s BNAT and take the exam whenever it is most convenient. 

The BNAT scholarship test has been renamed ABNAT scholarship test 2024 by the corporation.

Overview of Byjus Scholarship Test 2024

To assist students in their preparation for the Indian Civil Services Exam, the BYJU’S IAS Scholarship Test was developed.

By creating this scholarship test, the students can choose which areas they need to study. The results of this scholarship test will be available to students on the official website.

The students can quickly review the scores they received on the scholarship exam, and they can then set out to improve their performance on the actual civil service exam.

The Civil Service test will be available to students in various subjects, including General Studies, Current Affairs, History, Geography, Economics, and Polity.

The authorities will administer this scholarship test online and offline, and students are free to participate as they like. Students who perform well on their scholarship exams will be awarded the scholarship amount.


Purpose of the scholarship

The BYJU’S IAS Scholarship is intended to offer financial support. This scholarship test is open to students taking the Indian civil services examinations. The best applicants will receive financial support to help them finish their education.

The award is intended to assist the students in advancing their studies. By creating this scholarship, the students can strengthen their preparation for the Civil Service examinations.

Students can take the Civil Service examination as a practice test by creating this scholarship test.

The financial aid will enable the students to purchase the books required for civil service preparation and engage in actual coaching. This scholarship aims to assist students from the economically underprivileged segment of society.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You don’t need to meet any specific requirements for form submission to take Byju’s IAS Scholarship Test in 2024.
  • The candidate must be a candidate for the IAS Exam.
  • Anyone is welcome to take the scholarship exam.

Benefits of Byju Scholarship Test

  • Under the expert direction of an Indian teacher with experience and talent, students will prepare for their entrance.
  • Students have the opportunity to analyze themselves and identify their areas of strength properly and need for improvement.
  • Students can get all the answers to their inquiries and worries around the Civil Service exam.
  • The whole test manual is available to students for the UPSC civil services examination.
  • They can contrast their performance with other students from various levels of education in India.
  • The applicant can fully understand the UPSC civil services test’s format, requirements, and procedure.
  • They can pinpoint their weaknesses in preparation and make the required corrections.

Online Registration 2024

  • Candidates must go to BYJU’S’s official website.
  • On your screen will appear Byju’s front page.
  • It is now necessary for you to carefully read all of the instructions before selecting the “Register now” tab.
  • The phone number must then be verified with an OTP before submission.
  • You then need to enter your data and press the “submit” button.
  • You can now successfully register for the BNST|IAS by following these instructions.


Byjus Scholarship Test Login

  • To get started, you must first visit BYJU’S official website.
  • On your screen will appear Byju’s front page.
  • After that, you must click the Login tab for the page to show up on your screen.
  • Enter your mobile number and password before hitting the login button on the screen.
  • By using these methods, you may log into your profile with ease.

Terms & Conditions

Scholarship decisions are made solely at the discretion of BYJU. The internal BYJU’S standards form the foundation of the BNST | IAS.

The applicant and the applicant’s parents understand and agree that BYJU’S is not responsible for any loss or harm incurred by the applicant or the applicant’s parent due to the use or reliance of BNST | IAS or the BNST | IAS results for any choice.

The applicant grants BYJU’S permission to use their data for business purposes, as do the applicant’s parents.

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