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When it comes to providing financial assistance, the Bihar Scholarship has stood the test of time. They have assisted lots of students and are reliable. However, you need the right information to stand a chance with this scholarship and that is what we provide. Read on!

Bihar Scholarship

Bihar Scholarship

The Bihar Scholarship is a government welfare program in Bihar designed to encourage higher education within marginalized communities.

It catalyzes addressing financial disparities and empowering students to overcome socioeconomic obstacles in their educational endeavors.

Through this initiative, qualifying students receive financial aid to support various educational costs, such as tuition fees, examination fees, and maintenance allowances.


Eligibility Criteria

To access the advantages of the Bihar Scholarship, students need to fulfill specific eligibility criteria. Typically, the following conditions are applicable:

1. Applicants must be permanent residents of Bihar, as the program is primarily intended for students from the state.

2. The scholarship is usually designated for students belonging to economically disadvantaged sections, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, or other backward classes.

3. Students must be enrolled in a recognized post-matriculation course, such as undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, or vocational programs.

4. The scholarship aims to assist students from low-income families. Therefore, applicants must satisfy the specified income criteria.

Scholarship Application Process

The application process for the Bihar Scholarship is designed to offer students a seamless experience. The general steps involved are as follows:

1. Candidates should visit the official Bihar Scholarship Portal website and complete the registration process by providing the necessary details.

2. After registration, students must accurately fill out the scholarship application form, including information about their personal details, educational background, and financial status.

3. To validate the application, supporting documents such as income certificates, caste certificates, educational certificates, and bank account details need to be uploaded.

4. Once submitted, the application undergoes a thorough verification process by the authorities. Upon successful verification, the scholarship is approved, and the funds are disbursed to the beneficiary’s bank account.

Benefits of Bihar Post Matric Scholarship

The Bihar Post Matric Scholarship opens avenues to a range of benefits for eligible students, facilitating their educational journey. These advantages include:

1. Providing financial assistance to cover diverse educational expenses, ensuring students can concentrate on their studies without the burden of financial concerns.

2. Alleviating financial constraints, the scholarship program fosters equal education opportunities, allowing students to pursue courses of their choice in recognized institutions.

3. Promoting inclusivity and social equity, the scholarship empowers students from marginalized backgrounds to break free from the cycle of poverty, creating a better future for themselves and their families.

4. In addition to supporting traditional academic courses, the scholarship encourages vocational training and skill development programs, enhancing employability prospects for students in various industries.

5. Recognizing and rewarding academic excellence, the scholarship program motivates students to strive for higher achievements, fostering a culture of excellence in education.

Application Deadline

Unfortunately, this application has closed. However, if you stay updated with us, we will inform you when it is open.


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