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With the best scholarship websites, you even stand a better chance at getting a scholarship as they constantly update you on the scholarships that are available and that you can get. Let’s discuss them as you read on.

Best Scholarship Websites

Scholarship Websites

You can use any computer or smartphone with Internet connectivity to search for scholarships that align with your future educational plans and goals.

By exploring various scholarships online, you can compare options based on the college, university, or vocation you are interested in pursuing.

Scholarships represent a form of almost free financial aid. The funds received from a scholarship can be utilized to cover your tuition and other college-related expenses.

Importantly, since scholarship money doesn’t require repayment, it enables you to finance your education without accumulating as much debt as you might with other financial assistance methods.


List of the Best Scholarship Websites

1. CollegeNet.com

CollegeNet.com serves as a platform that not only generates applications and hosts online events but also provides an extensive search feature for students seeking information on recently available scholarships nationwide.

At CollegeNet.com, the database undergoes monthly updates, ensuring users have access to current scholarship opportunities for assessment and consideration.

The website operates under a licensing agreement to aggregate up-to-date data and content on scholarships offered by Wintergreen Orchard House, covering specific states, the entire nation, and even internationally.

2. Scholarships.com

Scholarships.com categorizes scholarships based on various unique criteria such as GPA, military affiliation, ethnicity, artistic ability, and ACT or SAT scores, as well as the state of residence.

Upon selecting a category, you’ll find an extensive list of subcategories, allowing you to explore all eligible scholarships within that specific criterion.

This structured system aids students in discovering niche awards with smaller applicant pools, increasing their chances of securing the scholarship.

3. Fastweb

Fastweb aggregates awards from both extensive and specialized directories. Like other platforms, the process involves creating a profile to explore scholarships.

Once registered, you can efficiently search for scholarships, refining your results based on various criteria.

Fastweb provides notifications when new scholarships matching your criteria are posted and alerts you about approaching deadlines.

4. College Board

You’re likely acquainted with the College Board if you’ve taken exams such as the SAT or AP tests for college entrance.

However, the College Board offers assistance even after you’ve secured admission to a school. Its scholarship search feature aids you in discovering awards to support your college expenses.

Upon creating an account, you can refine award options based on your interests, field of study, club affiliations, or specific situations, such as parental divorce. The College Board also automatically matches you with relevant scholarships using the information in your profile.

Additionally, an autofill function is available, allowing you to efficiently reuse information from other scholarship applications. This not only saves time but also facilitates applying for a greater number of awards.

5. Going Merry

Going Merry streamlines the scholarship application process by enabling students to enter information once and apply for numerous scholarships simultaneously.

This is especially helpful as submitting applications one by one can be tedious.

If you find yourself pressed for time, consider checking Going Merry before exploring other well-known websites. The platform particularly emphasizes local rewards, which are often less demanding and may be easier to obtain compared to larger national scholarships.

6. ScholarshipOwl

ScholarshipOwl stands out as a well-liked scholarship platform, consolidating awards and categorizing them based on their amount, specific requirements, number of winners, and the time remaining until the application deadline.

A distinctive feature of ScholarshipOwl is its ability to automatically resubmit your application for recurring scholarships that only demand basic information, freeing up your time to concentrate on awards that necessitate essays and recommendation letters.

7. Bold.org

Bold.org provides one of the most user-friendly interfaces among scholarship websites, a feature not commonly found on many challenging-to-navigate platforms.

It is simple to search for and discover numerous scholarships for which you may qualify. The platform allows you to filter results based on your educational level, award category, award amount, and deadline.

Additionally, you have the option to activate the “no-essay” button to specifically find scholarships that do not require a written essay.

8. Cappex

Exploring the Cappex site for potential scholarship opportunities can be valuable, as it boasts the largest online scholarship database.

Similar to other platforms, registering is necessary to view all potential scholarships you may be eligible for.

The platform offers a filtering system to sort scholarships based on academic year, scholarship amount, gender, ethnicity, and award deadline.

Additionally, you can search for renewable scholarships, providing financial support for college over multiple years.

9. Scholly

Upon completing a profile on Scholly, the platform’s algorithm thoroughly searches available scholarships, generating a list of awards for which you qualify.

Every scholarship comes with a Scholly score, indicating how well it aligns with your background and experience. A higher Scholly score signifies a stronger match with the scholarship’s requirements.

10. CareerOneStop

Utilizing the CareerOneStop portal, the U.S. Department of Labor manages its dedicated scholarship website.

With over 8,000 scholarships on offer, you have the option to categorize them by amount, deadline, your current state of residence, the state where you plan to attend school, or specific keywords.

In addition to undergraduate and graduate students, individuals attending vocational schools or pursuing an associate’s degree may also qualify for scholarships.


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