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Babcock University School Fees: According to the 2022 world university rankings, Babcock University is ranked as the 4342nd-best university in the world and the 24th-best university in Nigeria. 

Babcock University School Fees

In 2021, the University was ranked as the 5671st-best university in the world and as the 45th-best university in Nigeria.

The tenth most costly private university in Nigeria is Babcock University. As a result, Babcock University is less expensive than the America University of Nigeria. Which is the most expensive university in Nigeria and is located in Yola, Adamawa. And Atiku Abubakar is the owner.

Babcock University School Fees For Level 100 (Fresh) Students

Depending on the department or degree you want to enroll in at Babcock University, tuition ranges from #640,000 (six hundred and forty thousand naira) to #800,000 (eight hundred thousand naira).

The cost of accounting, biochemistry, business administration courses, etc. is about #700,000 (seven hundred thousand naira). However, the cost of law and medicine is more expensive than that of other fields of study.

Babcock University charges rather costly tuition for first-year (freshman) students. However, given all the institution has to offer, the money is well spent.


Breakdown of Babcock University Level 100 Fees

By the meal, Babcock University’s tuition is divided into two categories. You receive more meals every day in proportion to the amount you pay. The cost of attending school is higher for people who eat three meals a day than for those who only eat two.

For instance, you are only permitted to eat two meals each day if you spend 1,450,369 (One Million, Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand, Three Hundred and Sixty-Nine Naira) to study accounting at level 100.

As an accounting student, you must pay 1,607,869 (one million, six hundred and seven thousand, eight hundred and sixty-nine naira) in order to be able to eat three meals each day.

The student’s preferred hostel is considered when calculating the cost of attending Babcock University. There are two types of dormitories at the school:

  • The Classic Accommodation
  • The Premium Accommodation

NOTE: At the University, a student staying in the Premium hostel will pay more than a student residing in the Classic hostel. However, a student who lives off campus and is not a university resident will pay less in tuition than a student who lives on campus.

What Is the Fees For Medicine?

The tuition at Babcock University for medical students is $2,252,200 ($2,250,200) every semester and $4,000,000 ($4,,000,000) per session. Which includes the cost of housing in a dorm and other costs for 100-level students.

Additionally, $1,977,200 (One million, nine hundred and seventy-two thousand, one hundred naira) is paid each semester. And $3,500,000 (three million, five hundred thousand naira) per session for levels 300–600, which includes lodging costs and other expenditures.


How Much Is Babcock University Accommodation Fees?

Babcock University divides new students’ housing costs into Classic, Premium, and Regular.

The standard lodging cost is N128 856 (one hundred twenty-eight thousand eight hundred and fifty six nairas) per session and N64 428 (sixty-four thousand four hundred and twenty-eight naira) for the entire first semester.

The standard room rate is 92,040 for the entire first semester and #184,080 (one hundred and eighty-four thousand and eighty naira only) for each session.

A premium apartment costs $276,120 (two hundred and seventy-six thousand, one hundred and twenty naira) each session and $138,060 (one hundred and thirty-eight thousand, sixty naira) for just the first semester.

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