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Advance Queensland Fellowship: Are you a creative, progressive researcher? By submitting an application for the Advance Queensland Fellowship, you might be able to affect change. 

Advance Queensland Fellowship

Let’s look at the advantages of this fellowship and how it can help you make a lasting difference in Queensland’s research community.

What to Know About Advance Queensland Fellowship

PhD holders are encouraged to perform innovative research that will benefit Queensland through the Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowships (AQIRF) program.

Together with them, end users and industry partners from Queensland have also helped to complete this study. There are two unique fellowships offered:

  • Early Career Fellowships: Grants of up to $240,000 over three years (exclusive of GST) or $160,000 over two years are available.
  • Mid-Career Fellowships: Offering financial assistance in the amount of $240,000 over two years or $360,000 over three years (excluding of GST).

To be eligible, applicants must have co-funding that is equal to or greater than the amount Advance Queensland contributes. Additionally, at least one of the following investment categories must be included in their plans:

1. Automated systems, robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, synthetic biology (including mRNA), and quantum technologies are just a few examples of how cutting-edge technologies are being used to develop a wide range of industries.

2. Developments in the cyber and defense industries.

3. Thanks to cutting-edge methods, the tourism sector is continually changing.

4. Methodological advancements, particularly in the area of sports technology, aimed at improving athletic success.

5. We are using novel proteins and low-emission production techniques to enhance agriculture and food production.

6. Putting together creative strategies for a sustainable future in a decarbonizing economy, such as green energy options, pollution and waste management, climate change mitigation, sustainable water solutions, and sustainable mining methods.

7. Creating resiliency against approaching crises including pandemics and natural catastrophes like cyclones, floods, and bushfires.


How to Apply

An internal Notice of Intent is required from all researchers who desire to apply for an Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowship.

To give the UQ research community the best possible support, NOIs will be centralizedly gathered and disseminated to Faculties and Institutes.

  1. Register with SmartyGrants and study the application.

The applicant must keep their SmartyGrants account active, according to the Department of Tourism, Innovation, and Sport (DTIS).

You can read more about the important Advance Queensland (AQ) and UQ documents by clicking on the links below.

  1. Application completion

visit complete the online application, go visit SmartyGrants.  To avoid the file being transferred to DTIS without UQ approval, leave the final Declaration/Certification pages blank.

Download and complete every required document, including the Budget Table, UQ, and Industry Partner Letters of Support.

  1. Internal UQ R&I assessment and criticism

Make sure all online components are accurate and full prior to the internal review. Create a thorough Proposal PDF and submit it for approval.

To begin the internal review process, send your completed Funding Coversheet, complete Proposal PDF, draft attachments, and Cash Commitment Proforma to UQ R&I at QLDGovtGrants@research.uq.edu.au.

UQ R&I conducted internal reviews of compliance, eligibility, and grantsmanship, and recommendations were made.

  1. Final submission

Apply online through SmartyGrants once UQ R&I has given their permission. both readership and research funding

Before submitting your application, we suggest that you: Get more information about peer readership efforts from the research manager at your faculty or institution.

  • In order to remain up to date on round developments, sign up for the UQ R&I Mailer.
  • Visit the UQ R&I Grants Library to view previously approved projects.
  • Attend any UQ R&I information sessions if there are any and get PowerPoint slides and presentations.
  • For guidance on bibliometrics, online identities, and data management planning, you can also get in touch with the UQ library.

Vital documents: A variety of proformas and templates to help you create your application will soon be available to you.

Dates for Submission

On June 6, 2023, SmartyGrants will begin accepting proposals.

Research & Innovation at UQ (UQ R&I) declaration of intent is due by July 27, 2023

1 August 2023 is the deadline for complete applications and UQ monetary pledges.

The Advance Queensland SmartyGrants full application deadline is Thursday, August 31, 2023, at 1 pm (AEST).

a statement will be made: Model of UQ Central Cash Contribution, TBA Early Career 

UQ Central Cash Co-Contribution Model

Fellowships are eligible for a $5,000 annual payment from DVCRI finance, but only in exchange for a minimum monetary investment of $5,000 from the partner organization.

DVCRI funds will match any extra monies supplied by the industry partner up to $50,000 and no more than a 1:1 match with AQ funding for Mid-Career Fellowships.

The industry partner’s contributions for both Early Career and Mid-Career fellowships must be totally fresh funds and not a transfer of funds that are already in the UQ system (like CSIRO or ACARP).

Although the in-kind wage contributions from business partners may be considered cash contributions for the matching AQ grant funding, they won’t be taken into account for calculating the core cash commitment from UQ.


Readership and Researcher Support

We advise you to: Speak with the research manager at your faculty or institution to find out more about peer readership programs before submitting your application.

  • In order to remain up to date on round developments, sign up for the UQ R&I Mailer.
  • Visit the UQ R&I Grants Library to view previously approved projects.
  • Attend any UQ R&I information sessions if there are any and get PowerPoint slides and presentations.
  • For guidance on bibliometrics, online identifiers, and data management planning, get in touch with the UQ library.

The Advance Queensland Fellowship is more than just a curriculum. Therefore, take advantage of the opportunity to be a catalyst for advancement if you’re determined to impact Queensland’s future through creative research and collaboration. Currently, you can influence global change. 

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