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Are you an Access Bank Customer and wish to know the Access Bank USSD Code you can use for transactions? Then you are at the right place. As you read through, we will be showing you the different Access Bank USSD Codes that you can use for these transactions.

Access Bank USSD Code


Access Bank USSD Code

In order to utilize the access USSD transfer code for transactions, it is necessary to have a 4-digit security pin to authenticate your transactions. This requires completing the access bank USSD code registration process.

If you do not possess a security pin, you must create a secure 4-digit transfer pin to begin accessing the transfer code provided by Access Bank. The following are the prerequisites for creating your USSD access transfer pin:

1. An active Access Bank account

2. Access Bank ATM card

3. A phone number linked to your Access Bank account

Once you have fulfilled these requirements, you can create your transfer pin by following these steps:

1. Use the menu option by entering your account number and following the instructions displayed on your screen.

2. Proceed to activate your access bank transfer code.

To register and activate the access bank transfer code, follow these steps:

1. Dial *901# on your mobile phone using the phone number associated with your Access Bank account.

2. Select the “transfer” option.

3. You will be prompted to enter the last 6 digits of your debit card number. If you do not have an active debit card, you will be asked to input your Date of Birth.

4. Enter your 10-digit account number in the next field.

5. Input your 4-digit secure transfer PIN to authorize your registration for the USSD service.

6. Once you have confirmed your PIN, you can begin enjoying the access bank USSD services.

How to Reset Pin for Access Bank USSD Service

If your access bank USSD service is not functioning properly, you have the option to reset your pin using the USSD service. Follow these steps to reset your Access Bank USSD pin:

  • Dial *901# and select option 4 to reset your PIN.
  • You might be required to enter the old 4-digit pin that you previously had.
  • Afterward, you can input your new pin.

How to Deactivate Your Access Bank USSD Code

There are various situations where you may find it necessary to deactivate your access bank transfer code.

This could include instances such as a lost or stolen phone, a compromised PIN, or when you no longer require the USSD service.

The Access Bank USSD deactivation code can be quite useful in such cases, as it ensures the security of your USSD transfer code for the Access bank, preventing unauthorized access.

To deactivate your Access Bank USSD code, follow these steps:

  • Dial 901911# on your mobile phone.
  • Enter the registered phone number associated with the account you wish to blacklist.
  • Your USSD profile will be automatically deactivated.

By following these steps, you have successfully deactivated your access bank transfer code.

It is important to note that no one can utilize the access bank USSD code for fund transfer until you reactivate it.

Access Bank Transfer Code

The access bank transfer code is a convenient and distinct code developed by Access Bank, enabling its customers to access seamless banking services without the requirement of physically visiting a bank branch.

The shortcode for transferring funds to Access bank accounts is 9011AmountAccount Number#, while the USSD code for transferring to other bank accounts is 9012AmountAccount Number#.

By utilizing the access bank transfer code, you can perform various transactions such as sending money, paying utility bills, purchasing airtime or data subscriptions, and checking your account balance.

These services can be accessed on any type of mobile device, without the need for an internet connection.

The code for transferring money from the access bank greatly simplifies your life, eliminating the need for unnecessary visits to the bank. Here is a list of the USSD transfer codes for Access Bank Nigeria, providing you with the information you need for your next banking transactions.


  • Transaction: *901*Amount#
  • Airtime for self: *901*Amount*Phone Number#
  • Airtime for others: *901*0#
  • Account Opening: *901*11#
  • Payday Loan: *901*8#
  • Data Purchase: *901*5#
  • Transfer Code for Balance Enquiry: *901*1*Amount*Account Number#
  • Code to transfer from access bank account to Access Bank account: *901*2*Amount*Account Number#
  • Code to Transfer for Access Bank to Other Banks: *901*3*Amount*Merchant Code#
  • Merchant Payment: *901*3#
  • Bill Payment: *901*4*1#
  • USSD transfer code for access bank to generate OTP: *901*911#

Deactivate a Phone Number from USSD Service

You can note down these access bank transfers so that you will remember them next time.

Transfer Code For Access Diamond Bank

The Access Diamond bank transfer code which is *426#, offers you the same privileges as the *901# USSD service.

This means with it, you can access all the USSD mobile banking features on your mobile phone.

The *426# diamond access transfer code, makes it easy for you to initiate safe and secure transactions on the go without ever needing to visit your bank.

Simply register for the access diamond USSD code service and you are well on your way.

How to Activate Access Diamond Transfer Code

Here is a simplified guide consisting of 6 steps to help you register for the transfer code of Diamond Access Bank:

1. Open your mobile phone’s dialer.

2. Enter the USSD code for accessing Diamond Bank, which is *426#. Make sure to input this code using the phone number that is linked to your Diamond/Access account number.

3. Choose option 1 to accept and proceed.

4. Enter the last 6 digits of your Diamond/Access debit card.

5. Verify your account number for authentication.

6. Finally, enter a 4-digit transaction authentication PIN to initiate the usage of the Diamond Access Bank transfer code.

Access Bank USSD Code To Check Balance

Your Access Bank account number, a 10-digit code, is crucial for conducting transactions, and it is important to always have access to it.

You have the ability to check your account balance at any time or make inquiries to remind yourself of your current balance.

To check your Access Bank account balance, you can use the account balance USSD code. Simply dial *901*5# on your phone and enter the 4-digit security code.

Shortly after, your balance will be displayed on the screen or sent to you via SMS from the bank. Please note that there is a 10 Naira service charge for balance inquiries.

In addition, Access Bank provides a USSD code specifically for checking your account number. This code comes in handy when you forget your account number.

Follow these steps to check your account number:

  • Dial the code to transfer to Access Bank using your mobile phone number linked to your Access Bank account.
  • Press 4 for other services.
  • Press 4 again for Enquiry services.
  • Next, select option 3 for account number inquiry.
  • On your screen, you will see an instruction to enter the last 6 digits of your ATM card number.
  • Enter the last 6 digits of your ATM card number and press send.
  • Your account number will be displayed on the screen.
  • It is advisable to write down or save your account number for future reference or in case you forget it.

Please note that there are certain prerequisites you need to fulfill before being able to check your account number using the Access Bank mobile transfer code.

Access Bank Airtime Code

The access bank code for purchasing airtime comes in handy when you need to top up your call credit or data subscription but don’t have the convenience of visiting a vendor to buy a recharge card.

To buy airtime for yourself, simply use the code designated for purchasing airtime from Access Bank.

This code is *901*Amount#. For instance, dial *901*500# to recharge 500 Naira worth of airtime on your mobile number.

If you wish to buy airtime for others, such as your family, friends, or colleagues, you can utilize the code to transfer money provided by Access Bank.

Dial the Code to transfer money on Access Bank, which is *901*Amount*Phone Number#. For example, dial *901*50008012345678# to recharge 500 Naira on a specific phone number.

It is important to note that the code for purchasing airtime from Access Bank is compatible with all mobile networks in Nigeria, and it will only work if you use the phone number registered to your Access Bank account.

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