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Are you an Access Bank Customer and wish to know the Access Bank Code you can use for transactions? Then you are at the right place. As you read through, we will be showing you the different Access Bank codes that you can use for these transactions.

Access Bank Codes

What is Access Bank Code?

The Access Bank USSD code is *901#. This code serves as Access Bank’s official banking code and allows users to perform various transactions and operations without visiting a physical bank branch.

However, registration is necessary before utilizing this code.

Access Bank is committed to promoting financial inclusion through its *901# Quick Banking service, which empowers Nigerians with convenient and accessible banking solutions.

This service provides instant credit to beneficiary accounts, accompanied by notification alerts.

The *901# USSD service is available on all GSM networks and compatible with various types of devices, including iPhones, Android phones, Blackberry phones, and even simple feature phones commonly known as ‘kpalasa’ in Nigerian slang.

It does not require an internet connection and can be used in remote areas across Nigeria. To access this USSD service, customers must have their registered phone numbers linked to their Access Bank accounts.

Requirements to Activate the Transfer Code

1. Access Bank account: It is a requirement to possess an account with Access Bank.

2. Debit card: You need to have an active debit card that is connected to your account.

3. Phone number: Additionally, your account must be linked to a valid phone number.

4. Mobile phone (smartphone or basic phone): You will need a mobile phone, regardless of whether it is a smartphone capable of browsing the internet or a basic phone.

How to Activate the Code

To utilize the Access Bank transfer code, you must first activate/register it. Follow the straightforward steps below to register for the transfer code:

1. Dial *901# using your mobile device.

2. Ensure that you use the registered phone number linked to your Access Bank account.

3. Choose the “Transfer” option.

4. Provide the last 6 digits of your Debit Card number. Alternatively, if you don’t have an active debit card, enter your Date of Birth.

5. Enter your account number.

6. Create a 4-digit PIN.

List of Access Bank Codes

  • For loan – *901*11#
  • For checking BVN – *565*0#
  • Account Opening – *901*0#
  • Access Bank code for the transfer of money to Merchant payment – *901*3*Amount*Merchant Code#
  • Access Bank code to buy airtime for self – *901*Amount#
  • Access Bank code to buy airtime for others – *901*Amount*Phone Number#
  • Data Purchase – *901*8#
  • OTP Generation – *901*4*1#
  • Bill Payment – *901*3#
  • Access Bank code to check balance – *901*5#
  • For account number: *901#
  • For transfer of money to Access Bank – *901*1*Amount*Account Number#
  • For the transfer of money to another bank – *901*2*Amount*Account Number#
  • A $20 service fee is applied to each transfer of funds to another Access bank account. While transfers between banks are subject to a fee of 50 + 2.50 (VAT).
  • While the daily maximum restriction for airtime recharge is N20,000, the daily maximum transfer limit using the USSD code is N100,000 (N20,000 per transaction).

How to Block the Code 

Simply provide the phone number (connected to your bank account) you wish to deactivate after dialing *901*911# from any line.

How to Unblock the Code

You must go to any Access Bank branch in your area to have the Access Bank USSD code unblocked.

The transfer code for Access Bank is *901#, enabling you to conveniently carry out multiple transactions on your account without the need to visit a physical bank branch.

By simply entering the code on your phone, you can recharge your mobile line and those of your friends and family, transfer funds from your account to your loved ones, check your account balance, and perform other related actions.

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